Trials Fusion may have a superb single player ‘campaign’ but the real joy is when you get to race alongside and against friends. Good news then because it’s update time!

Releasing today is a free update for Trials Fusion; one that brings Teams in to play. You’ll be able to form a Team, compete against rivals and work your way up the Teams leaderboard. With up to 50 members, each Team will have its own bulletin board for inter-team communication.

And then coming in early 2015 will be the much anticipated Trials Fusion Online Multiplayer feature. This will be a free update, allowing up to four player per race on Xbox 360 and up to eight on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. There is a multiplayer beta starting today on PC.

Three Online Multiplayer modes will be available including:

  • Online X-Supercross- up to eight players race on three random tracks, after which a winner is announced based on an accumulative best score.
  • Private Game- up to eight players select which tracks to race and customise race parameters such as gravity of the track, modifying bike speed, or inverting the bike’s controls.
  • Private Game with Spectator- Players looking to watch online multiplayer select the tracks and parameters for the race and invite eight other players to ride so they can kick-back and watch the race. These matches can also be broadcast using streaming platforms.

Could this be the update that rockets Trials Fusion into the big league?


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