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It was back in February 2018 that we first saw the arrival of some Trivium tunes in Rocksmith, with a triple pack of songs being delivered. Now though the band are back, and with the Trivium Song Pack II there is a whole new reason to grab an axe and get grinding.

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS4 and PC is the Rocksmith Trivium Song Pack II. Priced up at £6.39 this latest content bringer delves into the back catalogue of the band to draw three more tunes out to the masses. And this could quite possible be a better bet than the previous pack from the band.

Included in the Trivium Song Pack II are the following corkers…

  • Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr
  • Dying in Your Arms
  • A Gunshot to the Head of Trepidation

As mentioned, you can grab this pack for £6.39 and will therefore gain access to each and every one of the tunes included, or, if you would prefer to just hammer out Dying in Your Arms as opposed to Pull Harder… then you can do by just setting up an individual purchase of any of the songs. They are each available for £2.39 a piece.

With Rocksmith 2014 Edition and Rocksmith Remastered both providing ample opportunity for budding guitarists to learn the way of the axe, allowing what promises to be the fastest way to learn guitar, there really is no reason for fans of Trivium to ever feel like they are being left out. Hell, even if the band aren’t for you and your musical tastes run down a completely different avenue, then the host of content packs and tunes that have been delivered over the years will near on guarantee that there is a tune for everyone.

As always though, if you wish to get involved with the latest content to hit the game then heading to the Xbox Store will sort out the Xbox One and Xbox 360 gamers, while those on PS3 and PS4 will do well to make a trip to the PlayStation Store. Whatever you do, make sure you leave us your thoughts and comments down below.

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