One Piece Burning Blood just got a whole lot better with two new DLC packs. Now with the addition of Rob Lucci and a host of outfits that are included in the One Piece Burning Blood Movie, you can punch, kick and smash your way to victory in style. With the inclusion of the Cipher Pol Agent, you can now expect the joy of destroying your opponent in new and exciting ways and also beat your enemies looking like the characters straight from the movie. So what are you waiting for?

Download both DLC packs from the Xbox One Games Store now.

DLC Description:

DLC 1:

This ONE PIECE BLOOD – GOLD Movie Pack 2 includes some incredible content from the new film “One Piece GOLD”:

• Rob Lucci as a new playable character

• Sabo, Koala and Akainu in their outfits from the movie


DLC 2:

Rob Lucci is joining the fight in ONE PIECE BURNING BLOOD!

Use the devastating powers of his Zoan Devil Fruit to take down the fiercest enemies


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