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There’a a chance that if you’re in the market for a new Xbox controller, a Turtle Beach option could be up for consideration – even more so now that they have delivered the new Designed for Xbox REACT-R Controller to market. There’s a new Arctic Camo version of the Xbox Recon Controller too.

Available for Xbox gamers in the UK and Europe from today, as well as in the US from August 17th, the Turtle Beach REACT-R Controller expands Turtle Beach’s accessories line-up in style, whilst the new Arctic Camo colourway for the brand’s Xbox Recon Controller will up the options even more.

Unveiled and pushed to market today, the all-new Designed for Xbox Turtle Beach REACT-R Controller, as well as the Arctic Camo Recon Controller are the first of Turtle Beach’s new controller products to have launched in 2022. The latter is a new option in the Recon line, now available in black, white or the all-new Arctic Camo version. If you’re in the UK, expect to get hands on with this from August 10th, whilst those in the US will need to wait another couple of weeks; August 24th is the date to stick in your diary.

“The Recon Controller was a powerful first entry for Turtle Beach into the gamepad market. It received awards and strong praise the moment it was revealed, and the REACT-R Controller offers gamers many of the same core features for a very attractive price,” said Juergen Stark, Chairman and CEO, Turtle Beach Corporation. “The REACT-R and new Arctic Camo Recon Controller are the first of a handful of upcoming controller products we’re launching this year for console, PC, and mobile gamers.”

The big news though is the arrival of the REACT-R Controller; an even more affordable high-quality controller. It comes in at £34.99 MSRP offering gamers many of the same features as the Recon Controller. The REACT-R provides controls for game and chat volume balance and mic mute, ensuring that gamers also have access to Turtle Beach’s exclusive Superhuman Hearing sound setting for a competitive advantage – you’ll need a wired headset to make the most of this. It features an ergonomic shape with textured grips, handles, and triggers, two mappable quick-action buttons on the back of the controller, and dual-rumble motors in the handles round-out the REACT-R Controller’s features – we’re not sure it’ll quite have enough to find a place as one of the best alternatives to the Xbox Elite Controller, but we’ll let you know in review.

Turtle Beach’s REACT-R Controller comes in Black, or White with Purple accents, and is compatible with Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows PCs.

For gamers in the UK and Europe, the REACT-R Controller is available now at Turtle Beach and participating retailers. The REACT-R Controller launches in the U.S. on August 17th 2022 and is available for pre-order now from Turtle Beach and participating retailers.

Will you be picking either up? The comments are below.

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