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Turtle Beach drop the Atom Controller to the Cloud Gaming world


The Cloud Gaming scene has exploded in recent times. Even more so as Turtle Beach drop the Atom Controller to the world. 

It’s only recently that Turtle Beach were pushing their Recon Cloud Hybrid Controller to the gaming masses, but today they are going one step further in creating a easily pocketable Cloud Gaming option in the Atom Controller. 

When Turtle Beach put their mind to something, the end result is normally one of success. The Atom looks to have everything required of it to make a mark on the gaming scene, easily packable and portable to ensure that you can take your gaming mobile, making the most of the likes of Game Pass, GeForce Now, Steam Link and more. 

The Atom works a two-piece design, one that is spring loaded to allow for the accommodation of pretty much any Android smartphone that is running Android 8.0 and above. And much like the Gamevice Flex, you won’t need to remove your case either. 

It works by running a TB proprietary 2.4GHz wireless link between the two units, keeping them connected as you game, all as the Bluetooth connection sorts things with your phone. Take the phone out and the two sides of the Atom will magnetically connect together, fitting into your pocket as you get on the go. 

“More and more, mobile gaming is becoming part of everyday life and our Atom Controller makes it easy for gamers to pick up and go without sacrificing quality controls,” said Juergen Stark, Chairman and CEO, Turtle Beach Corporation. “The continued positive reception to our console, PC, and now mobile controller products has been great. Expanding our portfolio to reach mobile gamers is another testament to Turtle Beach’s commitment to growing our share of the overall controller market. Atom is the latest in our expanded lineup of controllers launching this year, with more to come.”

A twenty hour battery will keep you gaming for a while, and that can get back up to 100% of power within 2.5 hours. There’s an Atom Controller app too, letting you configure things to your own needs. Further – and mostly to our tastes – is the Designed for Xbox edition of the Atom Controller, coming in a super cool Black and Yellow design; expect to find a month’s worth of Game Pass subscription chucked in too. Aside from that, the Atom will come in Black and Teal, plus a neat Red skin too. 

The complete list of Atom Controller features includes:
● Complimentary Xbox Game Pass Ultimate *: Includes a 1-month free subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, giving players access to an expansive library of games that work perfectly with the Atom Controller.
● Compact & Comfortable: Magnetically connects into a compact, convenient shape to fit in a pocket, or in its included carrying bag. Plus, an ergonomic handle shape and console-style controls provide a familiar console experience for mobile.
● Low-Latency Connectivity: Connects lag-free to Android 8.0+ phones via low-latency Bluetooth, while the two independent modules connect to each other using Turtle Beach’s proprietary 2.4 GHz wireless link.
● Built for Cloud Gaming: Take the console experience on-the-go and play familiar mobile games on the cloud using Xbox Game Pass, GeForce Now Steam Link, and more.
● Console Level Controls: Equipped with full-size thumb sticks, a D-Pad, bumpers, triggers, and ABXY buttons, plus view and menu buttons for precise responsive controls on any cloud streaming title. The Designed for Xbox version also has an Xbox Guide button.
● Adjustable Phone Clamps: An ingenious two-piece controller design has integrated phone clamps with a depth range of 67-92 mm, snugly fitting any size Android smartphone while in its case.
● More Gaming, Less Charging: Each controller module is powered by its own battery, providing 20-hours total battery life on a single charge. Recharge in just 2.5 hours using the supplied USB-C cable.
● Ergonomic Design: A comfortable shape with familiar console controls keeps hands comfortable over long gaming sessions.
● Atom Companion App: Download the upcoming Atom Controller companion app from the Play Store to configure additional features, discover new games to play, and update firmware.

Turtle Beach will release the Atom Controller onto the world com November 14th 2022. It’ll cost you around $99.99. 

Is the Atom the Cloud Gaming controller you need in your life? Let us know in the comments. 

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