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It’s not THE best deal in the history of all deals, we will admit. Twelve games depart Game Pass, theoretically never to be seen again (unless you buy them on the Store, of course). In return, we get the mighty PAW Patrol Grand Prix. We feel like Jack with his magic beans. 

Okay, deep breath, as here comes the list of games that – from today – you can no longer play on Game Pass. They are AI: The Somnium Files (Cloud, Console, and PC), Astria Ascending (Cloud, Console, and PC), Dandy Ace (Cloud, Console, and PC), Dirt 4 (PC), Dirt Rally (PC), Going Under (Cloud, Console, and PC), Lemnis Gate (Cloud, Console, and PC), Slime Rancher (Cloud, Console, and PC), Subnautica: Below Zero (Cloud, Console, and PC), The Procession to Calvary (Cloud, Console, and PC), Unsighted (Cloud, Console, and PC) and Visage (Cloud, Console, and PC).

If we were to cherry-pick the game that we’re saddest about, it would have to be Subnautica: Below Zero. The sequel to the celebrated survival and crafting sim, Subnautica, was every bit as intense, rewarding and sprawling as its predecessor. If you have a chance to pick it up, absolutely do. We gave it a 4 out of 5, saying “Whatever type of player you are though, there is a delightful underwater adventure to be had in Subnautica: Below Zero”. Just pack some thermals.

We’ve been unkind to PAW Patrol Grand Prix, but there is absolutely an audience for this pared-back karting game. We’re lacking a Mario Kart on Xbox, for one, and – as someone who has two sub-eight year olds in the family – we can see with certainty that the Xbox is lacking a good karting game that the very young can play. 

PAW Patrol Grand Prix comes from the masters of the licensed game, Outright Games, who brought you all of the previous PAW Patrol games on the Xbox. It does the basics right: it’s four-player on one console, features all of the pups that you’d want it to feature (we even spot Everest in the marketing images, although we can’t see Tracker – yet), and takes you through the various locales that your scrobbits will recognise. Adventure Bay, Jake’s Snowboarding Course and the Jungle are all present and correct. 

There are weapons to give your opponents the slip. There’s nothing violent to be wary about here: they are water balloons and snowballs, so the most you’ll get is a cold nose. But watch out for Mayor Humdinger (Maaayor Humdingaaah, as he would say), who has laid some traps. 

There’s a strong chance that PAW Patrol Grand Prix is not for you. If that’s the case, then be reassured that more games are coming in October, albeit they haven’t been fully announced yet. There’s Coral Island (PC) and Eville (Cloud, Console and PC) on October 11th; Dyson Sphere Program (PC) ion October 13th; Scorn (Cloud, Console and PC) on October 14th,  A Plague Tale: Requiem (Cloud, Console and PC) on October 18th, Persona 5: Royal (Cloud, Console and PC) on October 25th, while Gunfire Reborn (Console) and Signalis (Cloud, Console and PC) launch on October 27th. 

Does PAW Patrol Grand Prix get your tail wagging?  Let us know in the comments and on our social media channels.

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