Sports fanatics take note, because there are two new bundles available on the Xbox One for you to save some money and still get that adrenaline fix. As long as you like football that is…

EA Sports’ FIFA 18 title features prominently across both of the bundles, bringing the exciting action on the pitch to the game no matter which one you choose. As noted in our recent review, there are loads of modes to suit solo and team players such as Pro Clubs, Ultimate Team and Career, with an immersive narrative driven story involving Alex Hunter also being on offer.

The first bundle, ingeniously named the EA SPORTS™ FIFA 18 & NBA LIVE 18: The One Edition Bundle, comes priced at £89.99 (£80.99 for EA Access members) and allows you to shoot hoops as well as score goals with             a cool fiver knocked off the usual cost if bought separately. NBA LIVE 18 has many similar modes as those found in FIFA – using hands to control the ball instead of feet though of course – but it’s The One story mode which stood out in our review of the game.

The EA SPORTS™ FIFA 18 & NHL® 18 Bundle offers a far greater saving though, bringing the price down by roughly £20 to £99.99 (£89.99 for EA Access members) when buying this combined package. Our review of NHL 18 should fill you in sufficiently enough to help make your mind up about it, but once more it’s the sheer amount of game mode which really won us over on the ice.

Will you be grabbing either of these new Xbox One bundles from the Microsoft Store, or are the prices a bit too steep still? Hit us up on social media, the forums or in the comments to let us know your thoughts.

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