SOEDESCO have revealed that the fast-paced military themed RTS 8-Bit Armies isn’t the only title in the series that’s heading to consoles. It’ll be joined by both 8-Bit Hordes and 8-Bit Invaders!, with all three 8-Bit games supporting cross-title multiplayer.

In the fantasy themed RTS 8-Bit Hordes, players will be storming castles, slaying dragons and raiding haunted cemeteries. There are two factions to fight alongside; the Orcs and their undead allies of the DeathSworn, or the Lightbringers, made up of elves, humans and dwarves. 8-Bit Invaders! meanwhile has a sci-fi setting, using the Multiverse as the battlefield, and once more it’s an RTS game. The faction choices can see you siding with either the sinister Cranioids or the mighty Galactic Marine Corps.

When these two join 8-Bit Armies on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, it’ll be unlike any console game because all three RTS games will allow for cross-title multiplayer. Therefore, you’ll see all sorts of combinations, like huge tanks up against flying saucers or fire-breathing dragons on different maps and such.

Below is a list of features to expect in the 8-Bit RTS series:

  •    Fight cross-title battles between Armies, Hordes and Invaders!
  •    Jump right into battle with an easy controller scheme
  •    Conquer an array of Singleplayer missions and campaigns
  •    Team up and play with or against your friends in Multiplayer
  •    Enjoy epic soundtracks by legendary music composer Frank Klepacki

Will you be venturing into any of the 8-Bit games? Get in touch and let us know via all of the usual means. For now though, we’ll leave you with the latest trailer regarding the cross-title multiplayer aspect, which gives a better insight into what it’s like when these three totally different worlds collide!

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