nacon revolution x pro grey camo controller

Can you ever have enough controllers? NACON think not and today they are adding a couple of new camo versions of their Revolution X Pro Controller to market. 

Available right now – you just need to hit up NACON direct – are two new flavours of the NACON Revolution X Pro Controller for Xbox, playable with Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S or PC. These take the usual black edition of the Revolution X Pro and throw in Urban and Forest camo themes. 

It was back in 2021 when we went hands-on with the Revolution X Pro Controller for review, loving the feel of the device, praising the button placements and enjoying the App integration, ensuring that it was a controller we could make our own. It was well priced too, with just the need to tie players down via cable the only real downside. 

Now though NACON are building on that original unit to push a couple of new varieties to the market, just in time for the holiday period. 

Priced at €99.90, they come in camo-designs, with the Forest and Urban themes looking pretty damn neat; green and grey in colour, matchy-matchy with an accompanying case. 

nacon revolution x pro green camo controller

Should you have the black edition of the controller, we’re not sure that a colour change is enough to push you to purchase another, but for those on the lookout for a new pad, the features and customisable options that this allows should mean it is one to be considered. There are forty-one elements of change included, Dolby Atmos thrown in and controller shortcuts in place to ensure that you never have to worry about a thing. 

In all, the NACON Revolution X Pro Controller for Xbox, no matter what colour, includes:

  • • Extreme customisation: Gamers can choose the stick style and controller’s weight, and also tune it with the Revolution X app (trigger responsiveness, stick curves, button mapping).
  • • Total immersion: Dolby Atmos for Headphones technology is built into the controller for precision audio, while the more comfortable gaming experience boosts gaming performance.
  • • Designed for competition: Playing competitively or just for fun, the Revolution X guarantees latency-free gaming.
  • • Portable: With a rigid carry case included, this is a controller that can be taken anywhere.

So, Forest or Urban? Which path are you travelling? Let us know in the comments. 

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