If you’re a Minecraft player then today is a good day, as not just the one, but two new DLC packs have arrived on console.

Available right now on Xbox One and Xbox 360 are both the Mini Game Heroes Skin Pack and Glide Giants Track Pack. Now, if you’re one of those clever kids who purchased the relevant Season Passes back in April 2017, you will find both of these new drops available to you at no extra cost. If not, then well, you’ll need to go and splash a little cash for the privilege.

The Mini Game Heroes Skin Pack will set you back just £1.59. For that small outlay you’ll get access to a llama suit, fluffy cat pads and a Guardian get-up. You may not find any of those add-ons impacting massively on your overall game, but similarly they won’t make too much of a dent on your wallet either.

Second up is the Glide Giants Track Pack. This will cost you a little more – £2.39 in fact – but again it’s not really going to break the bank. Massive monoliths, twisting tubes and freakish furniture should all be expected.

So how do you get your hands on them? It’s simple really… just pay the Xbox Games Store a little visit!

Glide Giants Track Pack Description:

Are you ready for the next big thing? Here comes the Giants Track Pack for Glide, propelling you through massive monoliths in Mobs, twisting tubes in Body and freakish furniture in Shrunk. Take off now!

Mini Game Heroes Skin Pack Description:

Become a Mini Game legend with this new sporting skin pack! Swoop round Glide’s tightest tracks in lithe llama-suit, cushion Tumble-based fumbles with fluffy cat pads or don your Guardian get-up to bolster both your Battle ranking and your fashion game.

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