Have you found yourself to be struggling in Mordheim? Are you on the lookout for some hired help? The latest downloadable content gives you the chance to enhance your roster!

Available to download right now, both The Doomweaver and The Wolf-Priest of Ulric are in place to lend a hand in the fight. The new hero units come with their own unique abilities and no matter which route you go down, will be at your side throughout. The content is pretty cheap too with just £1.59 required should you wish to recruit either to your team.

If you’re interested, then make your way to the Xbox Games Store and request the help. Just make sure you check out our full review of Mordheim: City of the Damned as you do so.

DLC Description:

This Hired Sword is a new Hero-type unit that can be recruited to further customize your roster. The Wolf-Priest of Ulric is available for the Sisters of Sigmar and the Human Mercenaries.  Ulric is the god of wolves, war and winter. In some of the Northern provinces, he is venerated even above Sigmar by peasants and nobles alike. Those who enter his priesthood are fierce and hardened men, embodying the primal nature of their god. Grim warriors in their own right, these Priests are able to instill in their comrades the cold howl of Ulric, inspiring them to feats of bravery and savagery.

This Hired Sword is a new Hero-type unit that can be recruited to further customize your roster. The Doomweaver is available for the Skaven and the Cult of the Possessed. Mystics who tap directly into the Winds of Magic, Doomweavers are both powerful and pitiable. Their minds constantly filled with strange visions and the sound of daemons scratching at the barriers of reality, they slowly descend into madness. The energies they harness twist their bodies with subtle mutations. Yet the magic they wield is the stuff of Chaos itself, primal and nigh unstoppable.

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