Unless you’ve been living under a rock, at the back of a cave hidden somewhere on the other side of Mars, you would know that Forza Horizon 3 released on Xbox One and PC recently. As the latest Horizon title to bring open world racing to the masses, it was always going to be nailed on to be a success. But quite honestly the overall feedback from players and critics alike has pointed to Playground Games, Turn 10 and Microsoft Studios delivering a game of the very highest quality.

But is it really as good as the reviews hint at?

Yeah, of course it is and after a week or so of playing through the solo campaign, the co-op campaign and spending too many hours free roaming around with the online community, I’ve come to the conclusion that it may not just be the best Forza Horizon game, the best Forza game, the best Xbox One game or the best new generation game, but it may just be the best game ever. At least if you like your racing.

You see, if we delve deep into the review situation, my thoughts are quite easily backed up. A quick look at Metacritic – and lets be honest, whenever we want to check some scores that’s the first place we shoot off to – proves that the series has been on an upward trend; the first sitting pretty on a 85 rating, its sequel dropping in on 86 and now the third instalment reaching the heady heights of 91/100. If you ignore a very strange 40%’er from a publication which will remain unnamed in these parts (for the only reason being that their review score is obviously in place to be nothing but a huge click baiter), then I’m pretty sure that score would be even higher.

It also places Forza Horizon 3 right up there on the all-time Xbox One highest rating leaderboard, only just behind NBA 2K17 (expect that to drop a little no matter how good it is), and just behind the awesome INSIDE on the most recent list. For all its greatness – and believe me, INSIDE is great – Forza Horizon 3 trumps it for pure quantity of content alone. I mean, you’ll be done with INSIDE after 10 hours or so, whilst your first ten hours found in Horizon 3 will no doubt be spent just admiring the views – and the clouds. My god, those skies are glorious. As is the rest of it to be honest.

With the cars the main stars of the show and the sheer number of them more than overwhelming, the outback pushing them for top spot and the huge amount of race content, bucket lists, challenges and more vying for a podium place, Forza Horizon 3 ain’t going anywhere in a hurry. In fact, if you get hit by the bug, then there’s got to be months and months worth of content on show, with more DLC to come every month to ensure things are kept fresh. If history tells us anything, then we fully expect the chance to go and check out a ‘secret’ part of the map at some point over the next 12 months or so too. The online side of things will also ensure that no matter how much you think you’re done with the game, the reality is that you will rarely find nothing to stop you spending every waking day under the glorious Australian sun. Or the heavy rain that quite obviously afflicts the area on a fairly regular basis. Although is that just the videogaming interpretation of things? From my understanding, Australia sees hot sunshine for around 23 hours a day!

Many will point to GTA V as being the biggest and best title on Xbox One, and yes, you wouldn’t be wrong there as it attempts to hit multiple genres in a way that very few games do, but if you’re a racer, if you’re in need of a hit of speed, then there is now a new title that wears the ‘Ultimate Game’ crown.

You see, Forza Horizon 3 is not just good. It is very good and really is as great as the majority of reviews point to.

Well done Playground. Well done Turn10. Well done Microsoft. You’ve created a monster. A monster that really is THAT good!

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6 years ago

totally agree – best racing game ever!!