The stunning open world of Steep is a great place to visit, but it’ll soon become even more enticing as Ubisoft detail the latest updates.

Update 1.04 has today been detailed and it promises to bring a whole new level of competitiveness to the game. That is because the Steep World Tour Tournament and two new Challenges will be made available. The former is a brand new monthly tournament series which you’ll want to get involved in. The first competition, “Backcountry”, starts today with the qualification phase: a challenge in the cursed mountain for skiers and snowboarders, who will have to reach 5000 points to make it to the 2nd phase, the Tournament. The 32 best players on each platform during the Tournament phase will make it to the finals, where they will confront each other to win Steep credits.

But that’s not all as the Community Challenges feature will bring some of the most creative challenges to all players. You’ll get the chance to compete in order to achieve the highest score, to gain reputation points, and to be on the top leaderboards for each community challenge. The development team will also be creating challenges, so the players can go up against the Steep team themselves and try to beat their scores.

Additionally, the free Alaska map will release come Feb 10th 2017. The eagerly awaited map will include the first Branded Challenges – unique challenges that reward the best players with Steep credits and rep points.

If you haven’t yet played Steep but are interested in what it offers, make sure you check out our full review of the game on Xbox One. You may just like to have a little watch of the vids below too!



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