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Ubisoft has revealed that soon you’ll be able to purchase a new edition of Trials Fusion with lots of new content, which will also be available to buy separately as DLC for current Fusion owners. Oh and there’s a UNICORN!

I’ve already sold it to you haven’t I? But let’s pretend the idea of a unicorn, ridden by a cat, isn’t enough to warrant buying this new content. I’ll break it down into the two ways you can get your hands on it, firstly the Awesome Level Max DLC pack can be bought separately if you already have Trials Fusion. Alternatively, the Trials Fusion: The Awesome MAX Edition will include the full game, all the Season Pass content and the Awesome Level Max DLC.

Below are the specific details of the new content pack –

Awesome Level MAX contains two separately themed events:

The Awesome Adventure is a unique Trials experience, in which you get to play as a unique unicorn-riding cat. It contains levels that tell an eight episode long story and areas much tracks as they are adventures!

RedLynx vs All-Stars is a collection of new tracks, putting RedLynx’s own track creators against the very best track creators across the world.

  • 40 tracks in total
  • 5 new garage items
  • 5 new achievements
  • 30 track challenges
  • 139 new editor objects
  • 5 squirrels


The Awesome MAX Edition and the Awesome Level MAX DLC will both be available digitally on July 14th for Xbox One with the PC and PS4 digital versions being released on July 15th. Then on July 16th the retail Max editions will launch in store for both Xbox One and PS4.

TFAL_screen_awesome_adventure03_e3_150615_4pm_PT_1434361609 TFAL_screen_awesome_adventure02_e3_150615_4pm_PT_1434361608

TFAL_screen_awesome_adventure05_e3_150615_4pm_PT_1434361609 TFAL_screen_RedLynxvsAllStars03_e3_151615_4pm_PT_1434361614 TFAL_screen_RedLynxvsAllStars04_e3_151615_4pm_PT_1434361615 TFAL_screen_RedLynxvsAllStars05_e3_151615_4pm_PT_1434361619 TFAL_screen_RedLynxvsAllStars06_e3_151615_4pm_PT_1434361622 TFAL_screen_awesome_adventure06_e3_150615_4pm_PT_1434361610

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