For Honor may be a fresh and unique multiplayer experience – you can tell that by checking out our review – but it does come with the same issues that plague most online games, the major one being connection issues.

This was the case last weekend for Ubisoft, leaving many players who were hungry for blood unable to satisfy their needs. They have however acknowledged this and starting today until Sunday (exact times unknown), as a way of saying sorry, Ubisoft are offering Champion Status to every player of For Honor.

Champion Status offers the following bonuses:
– More Salvage from dismantling Gear
– More end-match Loot
– +25% XP Boost
– 3 Exclusive Champion Emblems
– An Exclusive Champion Icon next to your name
– +10% XP Boost for all players on your team

This includes players who already have Champion Status granted from the Season Pass or other such means as they will be receiving 3 additional days of the booster.

But wait, there’s more! Ubisoft are also creating a special Community Order for this weekend that, if completed, grants twice as much Steel as regular Orders.

So clear your calendars this weekend and take full advantage of this apology!


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