Some say three is the magic number, and in Grave Danger that appears to be true as there’s a trio of heroes ready to be utilized in order to uncover an evil plot and defeat a mean baddie. Essentially, it’s a 2D platforming game with puzzle elements, but what does the Ultimate Edition bring to the table?

Well, there are 10 new levels, boosting the total number of levels to 30, featuring lots of new game mechanics such as firewalls, tippy platforms, and a ride-able robot bird capable of running and jumping over hazards. Other new features include turrets which fire harmful purple projectiles, turrets firing green projects that players can use as a bounce pad, and platforms that rotate depending on the end at which the player stands.

The Grave Danger adventure takes you across three unique worlds, each containing different enemies and different kinds of puzzles. To solve these puzzles you’ll need to switch between Dante the cowboy who climbs vertical walls, Malice the reaper who can float horizontally across chasms and through dangerous areas, and lastly Elliot the wizard who has magical elevation and can jump in mid-air.

Teamwork is a crucial part of Grave Danger: Ultimate Edition, whether you’re on your own and juggling between the characters or have enlisted a couple of friends locally to control them. Should a player die, they’ll return as a ghost, needing to return to their graveyard to revive. Solving puzzles and navigating the dangerous zones aren’t your only focus though, with collectible wanted posters dotted around each level for you to find too.

Contrary to its name, you won’t be in Grave Danger if you already own the game on PC and think you’ll be missing out on the Ultimate Edition, because those who purchased it on Steam previously will instantly receive it as an update. Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 gamers however must wait until Grave Danger: Ultimate Edition arrives in Q3 of 2018.

Are you looking forward to Grave Danger’s launch on Xbox One in its ultimate form? Let us know via all the usual social media channels, in the comments below, or on the forum!

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