ultimate fishing simulator 2

When Ultimate Fishing Simulator launched on Xbox back in 2020, it didn’t quite have enough about it to warrant a place alongside the very best fishing titles available on console. But very soon Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2 will look to change that, as Ultimate Games cast out to a wider range of players, with a game that builds on that which came before it. 

Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2 is currently available on PC through Steam as a demo, with plans afoot to release in Early Access in 2021. That will then be followed by Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch editions in 2022, with a VR edition also planned. 

Coming from the Polish development studio of MasterCode, with publishing rights handled by Ultimate Games, Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2 will look to follow on from the original game with a host of new ideas. Expect to see a new version of the underwater camera with hook and fish close-ups, the chance to head to specific fisheries during various seasons, and a special fish routine system that varies according to the time of day.  Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2 should well represent a significant step up for the franchise as anglers and fish fanatics get access to a faithful representation of the reality of fishing. 

Features include:

  • a new instalment of the top-rated fishing game of recent years;
  • numerous improvements and features;
  • diverse fisheries modelled on real locations;
  • maps with different seasons;
  • various fishing techniques (spinning, float, ground and fly fishing,
  • sea, ice and beach fishing);
  • several dozen types of fish;
  • new dynamic water and fish AI systems;
  • FPP or TPP view;
  • boats, skills, trophies;
  • extended multiplayer mode;
  • licensed fishing equipment (such as Sakura).

If you’re interested in what Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2 is looking to provide, head over to Steam now and pick up the free demo. It will give access to the American Jackson National Park – Snake River. 

If not, hold tight for that full release further down the line. 

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