Like Marvel? Like Capcom? Wish you could put your favourite characters in the ultimate battle to see just who would really come out on top? You’re in luck.

Run on over to the Xbox Games Store now as Ultimate Marvel VS. Capcom 3 is available for purchase right now on Xbox One. Those gaming on PC should be visiting their favourite digital store too.

Ultimate Marvel VS. Capcom 3 sees both the Marvel and Capcom universes join forces for the ultimate in 3v3 tag battles and with a current generation release comes all the usual things you would expect from an updated remaster including full 1080p visuals as well as the inclusion of all previously released DLC.

Customise your team of characters with the Heroes and Heralds mode or hone your skills and head online into a head on battle to see if you have what it takes to become the ultimate player.

Ultimate Marvel VS. Capcom 3 is available for £19.99, so head on over to the Xbox Games Store now for your fill of two of the most beloved franchises all in one place.

Game Description:

Marvel and Capcom join forces to deliver the most frenetic 3 vs. 3 tag battles ever with Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. This release comes fully loaded, including all previous DLC, Marvel vs. Capcom: Official Complete Works, and boasting full HD 1080p resolution at 60 frames per second. Select some of the most iconic Marvel and Capcom characters, and customize your team with “Heroes and Heralds” mode. Once you’ve honed your skills, hop online and go head-to-head against players from around the world to see who is the strongest in the universe.



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