If you’re looking to increase the grip that your normal Xbox One controller brings, then you could do worse than check out that which Squid Grip brings. Fancy checking out our unboxing and applying video?

Watch below as we rip open the Squid Grip box, check out the contents and after studying the instruction leaflet, get them added to our Xbox One controller. It’s much easier than it first seems and the padded grips go on very nicely indeed.

We’ll have a full review of the Squid Grips for Xbox One up for you soon.

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Petri Ulla Uleksin
Petri Ulla Uleksin
7 years ago

My GF saw me wathing these.. and now she wants those grips!=D And I can’t say “no”

7 years ago

[…] Watch the unboxing of the Xbox One Squid Grips […]

7 years ago

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