Okay, so we’re not technically looking at an Xbox One add-on, but DreamScreen is smart LED backlighting that will work with any HDMI TV – something that can therefore only heighten our gaming sessions. Want to take a look at the contents of the box!?

Whilst you’ll be able to find a full review of DreamScreen and a little video showcasing exactly how good it is soon, for now we’ve got an unboxing of the Kickstarted backlighting kit. Check out the video below as we delve into the depths of the simple black box, digging out the DreamScreen HDMI stick, the HDMI Splitter that allows for Xbox One games to make the most of the super beautiful LEDs and the DreamScreen LED ribbon itself.

It’s safe to say, that this is going to be one add-on to our frantic gaming sessions that is more than worth the outlay. You can check out www.dreamscreentv.com for even more info, whilst our latest video shows it in action!

So without further ado, watch our Unboxing of DreamScreen below.

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