Vortex_Xbox1_packageKontrolFreek have a ton of thumbstick enhancers for both Xbox One and Xbox 360…none however have a visual style like those found in the Vortex box! Shall we take a first look with an unboxing?

Watch as we check out the usual KontrolFreek box, just this time one that has been treated to a full orange makeover with the glorious Vortex thumbsticks for Xbox One safely enclosed. With two widely different heights, and with both a concave and convex style to the sticks, the Vortex’s will be something that should just appeal to the vast majority of hardcore gamers – those looking for something more from their gaming sessions in fact!

We’ll have a full review of the KontrolFreek Vortex thumbsticks for Xbox One real soon, but for now, check them out in the video below.


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6 years ago

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