Road Redemption

The spiritual successor to the Road Rash series has arrived on Xbox One, with Road Redemption sending you on an epic journey across the country as part of a biker gang. Are you ready to fight those who challenge you on the war-torn highways that lie ahead?

When a motorcycle riding assassin takes out the head honcho of a weapons cartel, a massive bounty is offered for anyone who can catch the culprit. Never one to pass up an opportunity, you join the race to put a stop to the assassin, but you’ll have to fight your way through various territories along the way, using an array of weaponry such as swords, shotguns, sledgehammers and much more. It’s a tough road to glory and riches, so you’ll need to invest what you earn from completing races, assassinations and robberies, to upgrade yourself, your ride and your weapons.

Get ready to swing those weapons, kick, grab and counter any rivals who come close to you in the combat racing adventure of Road Redemption. You can even work together and ride as a pack alongside friends in co-op, either online or locally. All you need to do is venture over to the Xbox Store and purchase Road Redemption right now on Xbox One for £15.99. It doesn’t seem too expensively priced for you to get involved and cause a bit of anarchy in this post-apocalyptic, gang-filled world.

Will you be hopping on a bike and joining the pursuit for the assassin? Be sure to get in touch and let us know on social media or via the comments section below.

Game Description:

Road Redemption is an action racing game where you lead your motorcycle gang on an epic journey of pursuit, blood, and speed. Through your travels, you will upgrade your character, bike, and weapons by completing races, assassinations, robberies, and more. You’ll need to use kicks, grabs, counters, and other moves to stay alive.

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