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UNO Gets Chaotic with Party! Mania: New DLC Adds Wild Cards and Strategic Twists


UNO Party Mania Keyart
UNO Party Mania – available now!

A fan of UNO? Of course you are, and that means you should be taking a look at what Ubisoft and Mattel have twisted in to UNO Party! Mania. 

Available right now as an expansion to UNO on PC and console (including Xbox), UNO Party! Mania allows players to dive in once more, this time with additional action cards and all-new special rules in tow. 

UNO – with a twist

UNO Party! Mania features three new exciting action cards. You’ve got the Point Taken card, Wild Drawn Together card, and Wild Pile Up card. They pretty much do as you would expect, but let us run you through them anyways.

Point Taken asks all players to virtually point at one other player; afterwards, each player must draw as many cards as there are players pointing at them.

Then, when Wild Drawn Together is pulled, that player chooses a new colour to play and picks two others to be temporarily linked. Moving forward, every time one of these players draws cards from the draw pile, the player they’re linked with must draw the same amount. The link remains intact until a new Wild Drawn Together or Point Taken card is pulled.

Finally, the Wild Pile Up card creates a mini-pile, starting with the first card from the draw pile. The next player must play a card of the same colour to pass on the mini-pile to the next player, until it reaches a player who can’t play a card, at which point the entire mini-pile goes into their hand.

All-new cards

  • POINT TAKEN CARD When this card hits the table, all players must cast their votes on a target player and then each player must draw as many cards as there are votes against them. Will you form alliances against your fiercest rival or simply revel in the chaos? The power is in your hands with the Point Taken card!
  • WILD DRAWN TOGETHER CARD With the Wild Drawn Together card, you get to link two players’ fates together! Moving forward, whenever one must draw cards, the other gets to share the action!
  • WILD PILE UP CARD Introducing tension and strategy to every turn, be prepared for the exciting Wild Pile Up card! When this card is played, a mini pile forms and players must match colors to pass. The more it piles up, the higher the stakes get!

“The UNO Party! Mania DLC unlocks new dimensions of fun and creativity for a franchise that fans have loved for years,” said Erika Winterholler, Senior Director of Business Development & Licensing – Gaming and Apps. “The new twists on classic UNO™ innovate the game for a digital-first audience, bringing an exciting, fresh take on the #1 global traditional game.”

UNO Party Mania screenshot 1
UNO Party Mania – UNO with a twist

Need more UNO?

If you love UNO as much as us, then you’ll probably be excited to hear that two additional editions will launch soon. Come September 10th, UNO Legacy Edition becomes available, with the full classic game, Party! Mania, FLIP!, and 50th Anniversary DLCs.

From there is the UNO Ultimate Edition. This comes with the card game and six exciting DLCs: Party! Mania, FLIP!, 50th Anniversary, Valhalla, The Call of Yara, Fenyx’s Quest, themed cards featuring Just Dance 2017, Rayman, and more. Pretty much all the UNO you could ever want. 

For now, get in on the action with UNO Party! Mania. The DLC is now available to purchase individually on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and Windows PC exclusively on the Ubisoft Store. We’ll link you to the Xbox Store where it sits under a £3.99 asking price. Just be aware, you’ll need the base game in your library too. 

UNO Party! Mania Description

Enjoy a fresh UNO® experience with UNO® Party! Mania™. Dive into the classic game with a twist, as extra action cards and special rules have been added to spice things up! Brace yourself for bursts of laughter, nail-biting tension, and epic comebacks with three new chaotic cards. Link opponents together, point to make players draw cards based on votes, and create a second pile where players must match colors to pass. Feel the suspense build as you witness the mini pile grow, heightening the stakes with each passing turn. Don’t forget to shout “UNO!” when you’re down to your last card! Get ready for noisy, crazy fun! UNO® Party! Mania™ is the perfect addition to any party or game night.

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