assassins creed valhalla wrath of the druids

Ubisoft know a thing or two about creating wonderfully immersive worlds, having proved that the Assassin’s Creed franchise is totally ripe for such undertakings. It’s no surprise then to see them expanding the already huge world of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla with its first major expansion, that of Wrath of the Druids. 

Available right now to purchase, download and add into your base game of Valhalla, Wrath of the Druids is the first expansion to Ubisoft’s latest world wonder. This time around players get the chance to unravel even more mysteries, with those of an ancient druid cult front and centre. It just so happens that this cult has rocked up onto the bewitching and beautiful lands of Ireland. 

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Wrath of the Druids will see you taking a trip to the Emerald Isle as Eivor is summoned by their long-lost cousin, Barid. It’s here where the Wrath of the Druids begins as you are drafted in by the High King of Ireland to embark on a new journey; one that is as perilous as they get. Your task? To unite the warring factions. 

Eivor’s latest adventure will see you also attempting to unravel what is behind the Children of Danu, a cult that has risen up from Gaelic myths and folklore. This journey will take you through haunted forests, across the most dazzling landscapes – and we all know Assassin’s Creed does landscapes like no other – and into some of Ireland’s most famous landmarks. Yep, the Giant’s Causeway, Tara Hill, Black Pig’s Dyke, Ben Bulben and more will all be present. 

With new weaponry, more enemies than ever before, a variety of gear, abilities and skills, plus the chance to trade on some of the most wealthy routes, should you have somehow managed to exhaust everything that Assassin’s Creed Valhalla had previously been able to provide, taking in the new Wrath of the Druids should see you right. 


  • Accomplish the Royal Demands from the Gaelic Kings to gather resources.
  • Claim and conquer the Ring Forts of Ireland, form alliances to dominate the trade routes to build Dublin’s wealth and establish it as the primary seat of commerce
  • Trade rare resources and exotic rewards with overseas nations to make Dublin a thriving city.
  • Master a brand new type of weapon: the Sickle, a fast and deadly blade that can be dual-wielded.
  • Use new abilities and skills like the Viking Salute, the Smoke Bomb Arrow, the Irish Hound Summoning, and the Sickle Combo.
  • Battle and defeat new powerful enemies including the Children of Danu, a mysterious cult of Druids; Drengrs; Irish factions; and new mythical creatures.
  • Discover a variety of new gear and weapons, and more customisation options for Eivor’s longship, horse, raven, tattoos, hair, and settlement decorations.

You’ll need the base game to hand, but from there the Wrath of the Druids expansion is ready to be taken in. You’ll find it available on all the formats that Valhalla currently resides on – Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, Stadia, PC, Amazon Luna and Ubisoft+ for starters. It comes with a £24.99 price tag, or will be automagically attached to your account should you have purchased the Season Pass or Valhalla in either Gold, Ultimate or Collector forms.

DLC Description:

Journey to 9th century Ireland and unravel the secrets of a mystical cult: The Children of Danu. Fight your way through cursed forests and dazzling landscapes as you come to the aid of the High King of Ireland, Flann Sinna.

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