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Unwrap a Murderous Mystery: The Case of the Golden Idol Now on Game Pass


The Case of the Golden Idol Keyart
The Case of the Golden Idol – now on Xbox and Game Pass

Critically acclaimed across PC, Nintendo Switch, Netflix and mobile, The Case of the Golden Idol now starts to play out on Xbox and Game Pass. This is an investigative experience that you should not miss. 

The Case of the Golden Idol – on Game Pass

Available right now as the latest addition to the Game Pass service, playable on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC is The Case of the Golden Idol. It’s from the Playstack team as they help Color Gray Games land on an all-new market. Consider the love that The Case of the Golden Idol has gathered elsewhere, and it feels like a no-brainer here. 

In The Case of the Golden Idol you’ll get to discover mayhem, magic and murder, tasked with heading to an investigative site and examining the world around. Picking up on clues, making the most of your powers of deduction is key to success in this one, all as you attempt to uncover the secrets behind a number of deaths. 

Working as a point and click adventure, in which the detective elements come to the fore, should you be at home working through a series of elements, The Case of the Golden Idol should well be for you. 

But The Case of the Golden Idol comes with even more appeal then usual, thanks to the base game being present on Game Pass. Free to play through the subscription will mean this is snapped up by many, with more still tempted in by the inclusion of a couple of separate expansion packs – The Case of the Golden Idol: The Spider of Lanka and that of The Case of the Golden Idol: Lemurian Vampire. You’ll need to pay for those, with a £4.99 price tag attached to each (discounted if you have Game Pass), but that still feels like brilliant value for money. 

The Spider of Lanka Key Features

  • THE CONSPIRACY DEEPENS – The Spider of Lanka begins in 1741, one year before the first scenario in The Case of the Golden Idol, and uncovers the awful origins of this five-decade tale of betrayal, greed, ambition and death.
  • THREE SCENARIOS TO UNTANGLE – Set in the fictional Kingdom of Lanka, this DLC offers three brand new scenarios that will demand the utmost of your deduction powers to unravel.
  • THE WEB OF DECEIT BEGINS WITH THE SPIDER – Encounter characters old and new during your expedition to Lanka. Among these faces hides the Spider of Lanka, puppeteering events to shape the future.

Lemurian Vampire Key Features

  • A LOST CIVILIZATION Follow the perilous journey of the Lemurian delegation to Monkey Paw Island in their search for riches and the truth about the legendary fountain of youth. Will their greed and curiosity be rewarded or does a dark fate await them? Unravel the truth of an ancient civilisation, lost in time through three brand new scenarios, filled with death, deceit, and ancient rituals.
  • A HIDDEN TRUTH Investigate a new cast of characters to discover their motivations and darkest secrets. However, they will not give away their secrets easily. Prepare to push your deductive reasoning to its limit.
  • CONNECT THE STORYLINE The Lemurian Vampire DLC connects the Spider of Lanka DLC directly to the main game. The only thing that stands in your way, is the mysterious Tower Dweller and its powerful Golden artifact.

Download now!

The Xbox Store is your friend. Hit it up and take home a free download of The Case of the Golden Idol via Game Pass right now. And if you don’t have the subscription to hand, pay up the required £14.99. Alternatively, hit up Steam or the Nintendo eShop.

Those two DLC packs are ready and waiting too. 

Stay tuned for our full review of The Case of the Golden Idol on Xbox soon. 

The Case of the Golden Idol Description

Mayhem, magic and murder most foul! Examine clues and use your powers of deduction to solve the twisted mystery of a family’s cursed inheritance and a series of grisly deaths in this point-and-click detective adventure game.

In 1742, a gold figurine imbued with supernatural powers passes into the hands of an explorer by way of a dastardly act. Decades later, his descendants remain under the idol’s spell. Step into the shoes of an 18th-century detective and uncover the dark truth behind a series of strange deaths spanning 50 years, all somehow connected.

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