Xbox gamers should definitely be looking forward to the year ahead, as we see some huge releases and exclusives release on our favourite platform. The dull winter months never seem to produce a lot of big titles, but January 2016 is bucking that trend ever so slightly. What games are out on Xbox One and Xbox 360 this coming month? Well…

Lego Marvel’s Avengers – Xbox One and Xbox 360

We all know what to expect from a TT Lego game – fun, easy gameplay, a colourful open-world, hundreds of characters to unlock and mess around with, two player drop in and out splitscreen coop and, of course, a large helping of humour. The latest Lego game looks to have all of this in abundance with the two Avengers films, along with worlds from Thor, Captain America and Iron Man included. All are among those to get hit with the Lego brush so Marvel’s Avengers should be something any Lego or Marvel fan has to check it out.

Why Should You Buy It? It’s another Lego game that throws many franchises into a huge blocky mixing pot, and yet again TT will have added hundreds of unique and colourful characters into the fray for you and a friend to muck around with.

lego marvels avengers pic 2

Life is Strange Limited Edition – Xbox One

Any game (or in this case series of episodes) that makes it into the TXH Top 10 Xbox Games of 2015 list has to surely be worth checking out. With Telltale Games being the biggest and pretty much only developer to try out the episodic adventure genre, we wondered how the series of Life is Strange from Dontnod Entertainment would work out…we didn’t expect it to be as critically acclaimed and popular as it is. It turned out to be damn awesome and so if you haven’t yet picked it up, the Limited Edition will sort you out with all five episodes on one big disc.

The main principle of LiS is that the main character, Max, has foreseen a storm devastating her home town and it is up to her to save it from this catastrophic event. She does this in the same way as anyone would…use a special hidden power, rewinding time to solve problems and, ultimately, stopping the storm. As the player you must rewind and play around with Old Father Time whilst making difficult choices and figuring out puzzles.

Why Should You Buy It? LiS is definitely a complicated game, but once you get to grips with the time mechanics, a gem of an emotional narrative will unfold. All five episodes in one box seals the deal.

LIS EP3 Date announce screen

Resident Evil Origins Collection – Xbox One and Xbox 360

It seems like every Resi title has been remastered once or twice, and Resident Evil Origins Collection has both the HD remastered version of the spine tingling nostalgic original, and that of Resident Evil 0 included. This boxed collection also allows the player to play the full game of Resident Evil 0, but as the iconic villain Wesker, complete with fancy superpowers… which are all quite useful for escaping the undead.

Why Should You Buy It? Resident Evil is one of the best horror franchises out there, and both the original and Zero are there to be played, along with stepping into the bad guys shoes as Wesker.


Zombi – Xbox One

Originally dropping as a Nintendo exclusive, and then receiving the digital Xbox look, the hit zombie thriller Zombi has finally got itself a full physical retail release. London at night is already scary enough but now you have to roam the capital avoiding the undead (or killing them if you so wish) while finding resources to make weapons and defeat the monsters.

But the difference from other zombie titles is that when you die in your random character body, you ‘permanently’ die and turn into a zombie yourself. You then assume the role of another random character and must murder your previous self to gain back all your hard earned loot you found before you were bitten. Complicated isn’t it?

Why Should You Buy It? The twist that Zombi puts on the survival horror genre is an interesting one, forcing you to think about your actions, other than legging it to the nearest zombie free area.

zombi pic 1

So just a few games out this month but as we’ve already pointed out, that’s a few more than we usually see at the start of a new year. Will you be picking any of them up? Let us know in the comments below.

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