Summer time and the living is easy…but unfortunately once the sun starts shining the new Xbox One and Xbox 360 games go into hibernation, waiting instead for the leaves to start dropping in Autumn. There are however still a few new games dropping onto the shelves of your local videogame store. But what are they?

F1 2015 – Xbox One

It initially looked a strange decision by Codemasters to miss dropping F1 2014 on the new, more powerful generation of consoles. It was a decision that had many up in arms, but if it meant they could put all their resources into making the 2015 variant as good as it possibly can be, then we’re happy to let them off on this one.

F1 2015 covers, as the name suggests, the 2015 season of Formula One. The Mercs are leaving everything in their wake, Vettel has ditched the struggling Red Bull for the lure of Ferrari, and the Williams are still making the most of that superb power package. With the power of Xbox One behind the visuals and the handling, odds are it’ll be a treat for all race fans, especially those who see F1 as the very pinnacle of motorsport.

Let’s just hope it doesn’t turn out like that crappy Honda in the back of the Mclarens eh!?

Why Should You Buy It? Chances are Codemasters will pull out all the stops with their debut new gen F1 title.


Rory McIlroy PGA Tour – Xbox One

As his demise was confirmed with on-course efforts dipping way below his best and off-tee antics changing his life forever, EA ditched the Tiger once and for all. In his place, the new boy wonder of golf…Rory McIlroy.

Whilst EA have been surprisingly quiet over the finer details of Rory McIlroy PGA Tour, delivering ‘Golf Without Limits’ may seem a tall order. But with a new physics engine ensuring each shot is true, a host of new gameplay modes and a few different stick swing options available to cater for both old skool golfers and newcomers alike, EA should yet again be on to a bit of a winner.

Why Should You Buy It? Other than checking out The Golf Club, the EA offering is the only way to cure that golfing addiction.

rory mcilroy swing pic

A quiet month but definitely a couple of games that the majority should be interested in. Let us know what you decide to pick up in the comments below.

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