We are now three months into the year and the Xbox games keep on coming. Free up your calender for March because you may just be interested in the physical Xbox One and Xbox 360 releases over the next few weeks.


Simulations have gained lots of popularity over the years… but have you come across one were you are encouraged to harm people and destroy buildings? No? Enter Screamride, a rollercoaster sim were you build rollercoasters which can kill, experience them yourself in the first person, or just spend some time destroying buildings (by chucking projectiles full of humans at them) as you take in the action from three distinctly different roles – engineer, scream seeker and demolition expert.

Why Should You Buy It? Screamride lets you laugh evil laughs as you harm human beings in many inventive ways – all of which can be accomplished in the space of a few minutes… it’s the perfect 5 minute game.

screamride pic 1

Motorcycle Club

Only out on Xbox 360, Motorcycle Club allows you to create and customise a bike, create a bike club and face up to other clubs on over 20 tracks! Yes, it may seem small for a 2015 game, but what the game lacks in quantity is more than made up by the quality of the 22 bikes on offer from Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawaski, KTM and BMW Motorrad along with the varied customisation of said bikes.

Why Should You Buy It? Two wheeled racing fan? Motorcycle Club could be the one for you.

motorcycle club xbox 360 pic 1

Zombie Army Trilogy

Zombies. That is all a game needs nowadays to be good. And combine this with the slow-mo bullet time thing from Rebellion Development’s Sniper Elite series and you get Zombie Army Trilogy – out 6th March. Yet again you can shoot Hitler and his Nazi friends in the face from 500m away (only this time they are zombies which makes it just that little bit better). The game blends together all the zombie additions from Sniper Elite 1, 2 and 3 but this is different from the main series in two ways… it has zombies and, because they are everywhere, you find yourself using more short-ranged weapons like assault rifles and shotguns than your trusty sniper. This could put off hardcore snipers but come on guys – There. Are. Zombies.

Why Should You Buy It? Zombies and slow-mo sniper shooting. Enough Said.

zombie army trilogy pic 2

DmC: Devil May Cry Definitive Edition

Remember that short trip to Limbo Dante took back in January 2013, killing loads of demons and a resurrected Cleopatra? Well, you can do that all again under the shiny new graphics of Xbox One. DmC is a hack and slash game with a seemingly loose story and you can get it on Xbox One come 10th March.

Why Should You Buy It? Everyone loves a good hack and slash title every once in a while and DmC: Devil May Cry Definitive Edition certainly will not disappoint in that genre.


Battlefield Hardline

Visceral games are in collaboration with DICE to bring you Battlefield Hardline, a game which swaps the traditional massive explosions, maps and vehicles Battlefield is known for, for a toned down cops vs criminals game set in Miami. Hardline’s multiplayer will introduce game modes like Heist, which quite obviously pits a team of police officers needing to stop the crims from breaking into a bank and robbing it of cash. In terms of the campaign, there will be 10 missions or ‘episodes’ with some being more than an hour long and all bringing plenty of ‘Hollywood crime drama’ to the field.

Why Should You Buy It? Hardline is a different Battlefield but promsies to keep the core that we know and love inside of it. Start shooting March 17th.


Bladestorm: Nightmare

Set around the events of Middle Age Europe, Bladestorm: Nightmare is the sequel to Bladestorm: The Hundred Years War for Xbox 360. At heart, it is a strategy game where the player gets to play as a mercenary fighting for England or France in the numerous battles of the war. Out March 17th, Bladestorm: Nightmare can be picked up on your Xbox One console.

Why Should You Buy it? Bladestorm: Nightmare covers a period of history that has pretty much never been seen on Xbox and for that reason you should give it a whirl.

bladestorm nightmare pic 2

Final Fantasy: Type-O HD

Developed by Square Enix, Final Fantasy: Type-O was released in Japan over 3 years ago back in October 2011, and its JRPG action syle gained so much popularity it is making the jump to the rest of the world come 20th March. With a lot of Japanese RPGs the story line is not the clearest but it does not need to be because it has such depth in its role playing. And, just to sweeten the deal, Type-O comes bundled along with the demo of the hugely anticipated Final Fantasy XV on Xbox One.

Why Should You Buy It? Who doesn’t want to play a crazy, in depth, popular JRPG and get the demo to the next one? Answer? Nobody. Get it.

ff type 0hd

Resident Evil Revelations 2

Wait. Zombies? Again? Resident Evil Revelations 2 is the sequel to Resident Evil Revelations and follows the life of Claire Redfield, Moira Burton and her dad, the iconic Barry Burton along with a creepy young girl Natalia who can ‘see’ zombies. Claire and Moira find themselves imprisoned on an island which just so happens to have a health and safety nightmare going on in the form of the walking dead. The girls try to escape the island via radio signal and Barry picks up on it and so begins his search to find his daughter.

There will be 4 episodes to the game, all currently being released as weekly downloads but come 20th March you’ll be able to pick the whole damn lot up in on big retail package.

Why Should You Buy It? Revelations 2’s campaign has started of as one of the greatest I have seen in the thriller genre for some time and if you aren’t bothered about going digital, really should pick up on come 20th March when the full season releases on 360 and One.

resident evil revelations 2


You wait ages for one to come along and two pop up at the same time. Another motorcycle racing game out in March, Ride will appear on both Xbox consoles, has over 100 bikes – all fully customisable and from 14 motorcycle companies, 12 of which have been announced. The motorcycles in Ride fall under 4 categories- Naked, Supersports, Superbikes and Historical Bikes, which I suppose would mean you’ll find different championships to compete in. There are 15 locations, with two dedicated city maps, and each track has different paths to take, whilst you will also be able to take on other people worldwide with new multiplayer modes.

Why Should You Buy It? Ride really knows the world of motorcycles and because of this it should be a super realistic two-wheeled racer.

ride xbox one

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection

The vault hunters have hit the new gen with Borderlands: The Handsome Collection which holds in it the definitive editions of Borderlands 2, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel and loads of DLC. Luckily for Xbox 360 players that have already played the games, you can continue your game in The Handsome Collection on Xbox One using the cross-save mechanic. In Borderlands 2, you will play as Axton the Soldier, Zer0 the Assassin, Salvador the Gunzerker, Maya the Siren, Gaige the Mechromancer or Krieg the Psycho hunting down and stopping Handsome Jack’s forces, whilst the Pre-sequel sees you playing as those forces before they turned.

Why Should You Buy It? Why not? One of the most fun shooters on Xbox 360 has finally come over to Xbox One. Why would you turn down such a great offer?

handsome jack

So, a double figure amount of releases for Xbox One and Xbox 360 and we’re only in March. 2015 is pretty much rocking and rolling on the release front.

Which will you pick up?

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