October is here and it’s nearly time to start thinking about decent Christmas presents. There are a whole host of new Xbox One and Xbox 360 games out this coming month, with a little bit of everything ready to spend the cash on.

Or will you just wait until the big fella drops down the chimney?

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate – Xbox One

It must be said, the most recent titles in the AC series have seen Ubisoft let the community down – Assassin’s Creed Unity was full of glitches, AC Rogue…well who played AC Rogue? But, finally, possibly, Ubi have got it right with the new title set in Victorian London.

For the first time, you will play as two characters – those being twins Jacob and Evie Frye. Some missions see you play as the more destructive, loud Jacob, while others may put you in the stylish boots of the stealthier of the two- Evie. With new tech including a fancy grapple hook, it’s nearly time to take over the City of London with your gang The Rooks.

Why Should You Buy It? This might be the time when Ubisoft get back into the stealth race – so explore London and enjoy it.

ac syndicate header

Halo 5: Guardians – Xbox One

Ah, Halo. Halo – whenever we doubt the game we are playing, we can just put you in and everything is OK. Halo 5: Guardians looks to be one of the most anticipated games of 2015. You play as Spartan Locke as he attempts to find Master Chief to see if he truly has turned evil and fight the Covenant.

However, 343 Industries have stated Halo 5: Guardians will not include any form of local multiplayer, presumably to get perfect visuals and a frame rate that everyone will be happy with. .

Why Should You Buy It? Make what you will of the lack of split screen, you can’t deny the new Halo will be a massive seller.

halo 5 pic 1

Rock Band 4 – Xbox One

What’s better than playing a guitar? Playing a guitar whilst your mate plays the drums and another screams away on the vocals. Rock Band 4 brings back the core gameplay of playing to the screen with 60 songs on release (with more to be added) which its predecessor did not focus on.

Why Should You Buy It? I remember the good times when the whole family would play along. Maybe it’s time to recreate that experience.

rock band 4 red header

Rainbow Six Siege – Xbox One

With the beta being played right now, Rainbow team are back as they use strategy and creativity to beat a team of terrorists; whether they are holding hostages, planting bombs, or just participating in your usual every day terrorism acts. Each character you play as will have a range of abilities and perks which can be unlocked as you level up your class. For example Twitch will fire out a drone which can be deployed to identify enemies, whilst Sledge uses the new, realistic destruction system to find the best way to breech the enemies.

Why Should You Buy It? The emphasis of Siege is to act like a team, finding weak spots to break the enemies’ defence and move in with your squad. One for the team players we suspect.

r6 siege header

Guitar Hero Live

You will be the centre of attention in Guitar Hero Live, as the game keeps the core gameplay of pressing buttons and pulling strings to match the notes, but places you in a first person viewpoint, as you overlook thousands of people as they all watch you play. However, muck your moves up and the crowd will be booing you in no time, both in the small clubs and when hitting the big stage!

Why Should You Buy It? Take that game you have loved for a decade now and take it to the big time…get ready to feel the beat.


Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5

After a big break from the main series, Tony Hawk is back, and he has brought with him a variety of parks, skaters and new modes to demonstrate your skating prowess on. Of course, you can always create your own skater or own level, thanks to the Create a Park feature prior to sharing your creations with the community.

All this can be done in multiplayer as well, so not only can you brag to your friends about how epic your tricks are, they can attempt to recreate it themselves.

Why Should You Buy It? Always thought of yourself as a skating master? Go on then, show you skills with the biggest name in skating.

tony hawk pro skater 5 pic 1

Minecraft: Story Mode

Chances are you’ll have partaken in a spot of Minecraft. At one point or another, you would probably have played a Telltale game. So you may as well check out and play Telltale’s new game as they put their own twist on to the massive Minecraft world.

Like the vast majority of Telltale’s titles, there will be many puzzles and mysteries to solve and with two of the biggest games/game companies coming together surely the end product will be outstanding.

Why Should You Buy It? People have always tried to make a plot out of Minecraft, and now the best storytellers in the business are giving it a go.


WWE 2K16

The second best thing to watching WWE on TV is actually playing out battles on console and so the arrival of a new game each year is a welcome one for fans of the company.

WWE 2K16 is set to bring an improved career mode, even more realistic visuals and a mode focussed on one of the most recognisable names in the business – Stone Cold Steve Austin. Boasting the largest roster of all time, your favourite Superstars and Divas should be at your fingertips to play with.

Why Should You Buy It? It could be the best wrestling game of recent times… and that’s the bottom line, ’cause Stone Cold said so!

wwe 2k16 nikki bella

World Rally Championships 5

Unleash the driver inside you and put pedal to the metal as you race with around with 20 other cars, competing for rally supremacy. It may seem like a lot but WRC 5 is quite simple. Take your car, pick a stage and race against friends in new modes not previously touched by the series. Are you in to take the trophy and be the best?

Why Should You Buy It? WRC 5 is a real racer with crashes, mud, dirt and more.

wrc 5 pic 1

Just Dance 2016

Depending on your point of view, Dancing games will either be a big hit or a huge miss. But there is something about the Just Dance series which grabs you and puts you in a frenzy of movements. Maybe it’s the vibrant colours? The easy dance moves perhaps? Or possibly just because we want to take advantage of a game where we can muck around with friends and dance to our hearts content with the rest of the world.

Why Should You Buy It? Every Just Dance entry just gets you moving and the new title will include all your favourite songs and a new lip sync mode to play around with.

just dance 2016

Transformers Devastation

In recent years the Transformers titles that have released have been nothing short of appalling, but maybe what was missing was to tone down the guns and terrible plot, instead having giant aliens battling it out with a good old cartoon art style. And that is what you have for Transformers Devastation, sitting there and button mashing away, learning enough combos to take out the Deceptions for once and for all.

Why Should You Buy It? Believe me, this is what you want in a Transformers game. A simple goodies vs baddies plot, a fun cartoon style and an exciting beat um up game.

transformers devastation pic 1

Professional Farmer 2016 & Professional Lumberjack 2016

Sometimes you just want a simple game where you can farm to your hearts contents, or cut down trees and get an expert team of lumberjacks. And that is pretty much it. Be a farmer, pick a tractor and get down to the farm. Or pick the lumberjack route, choosing the correct tree cutting equipment and well, um, spending time cutting down trees!


Why Should You Buy It? Love your trees and tractors? We’ve got something just for you.


Now That’s What I Call Sing – Xbox One

Who remembers Lips? The Xbox 360 title was amazing back in the day, bringing together parties like never before. Yeah, well now you can do that again on the current gen with Now That’s What I Call Sing. Grab some mates (and a drink) and sing along to hit songs from Sam Smith with ‘Stay With Me’ and Meghan Trainor’s ‘All About That Bass’ to name just a few.

Why Should You Buy It? Don’t have the skills for Guitar Hero or the friends for Rock Band? Grab a mic and take in a load of pleasure.



So, a busy September has evolved into an even busier October. With November set to continue along the same tracks, 2015 is coming to a close very nicely indeed.

Just be sure you save enough cash for your favourites. Which will you be buying?

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6 years ago

Still probably just Halo 5 for me out of that lot, but I don’t mind the odd WWE game now and again.

Justin Plunton
Justin Plunton
6 years ago

Don’t Forget the new Overlord game 🙂 Really looking forward to that says on xbox it’s the 20th.

Neil Watton
Reply to  Justin Plunton
6 years ago

Believe that is digital only. We tend to keep to the boxed units only with our Up Next articles. Definitely looking forward to it though.