Those of you who are still battling on the frontline in Valkyria Chronicles 4 have the opportunity to delve into a brand new scenario, looking to put your turn-based combat skills to the test once more. It’ll come at a cost though as you’ll need to tackle this mission without a captain!

A Captainless Squad is set in the Winter of 1935 EC, with Squad E (Azusa, Connor, Rosetta, Simon etc.) travelling on board the Centurion snow cruiser. Somehow, Raganarok the rescue dog has snuck out and gone missing, forcing the guilt-ridden members of Squad E to take it upon themselves to find him. Sure enough they become embroiled in a spot of warfare on their search and must overcome shocktroopers, aces, grenadiers and tanks in this three-part scenario.

Before considering a purchase of the A Captainless Squad DLC for £3.99, be aware that this bonus story can only be accessed after you’ve completed Chapter 10 of the main story in Valkyria Chronicles 4. If that’s no problem then simply pay the price required to acquire this latest content on Xbox One from the Microsoft Store.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming review of the game itself!

DLC Description:

Winter, 1935 EC. Squad E, traveling now aboard the snow cruiser Centurion, notices one day that rescue dog Ragnarok has gone missing. Feeling guilty for neglecting him, members of Squad E sneak out to find the lost pup. Before long, though, they find themselves embroiled in a “picnic” of a decidedly unpastoral nature… This story can be played after completing Chapter 10 of the main story. To access this story, go to Book Mode > Menu > Extra Stories.

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