If you’ve been keeping away from the adventures of Van Helsing on Xbox One, then now is the time to get involved. The Van Helsing Double Pack is here and it delivers both games plus a few add-ons in one decent bundle.

Available on Xbox One for £27.99, the Van Helsing Double Pack brings together the original The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing, along with its sequel, The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II, plus the Thaumaturge, Arcane Mechanic and Ink Hunt content packs.

Now, whilst we would have loved to have seen a bigger discount put in place for those getting involved with this bundle pack – especially seeing as the first game was free via Xbox Games With Gold – you’re still seeing a little saving over the usual £33.55 that you would have to stump on in order to access all the content.

If you haven’t yet got involved in the story of Van Helsing, then now is the time to do so. Head on over to the Microsoft Store and grab the bundle now. If you need to know more about the gameplay van in either the original Van Helsing, or Van Helsing II, then our reviews should be able to sort you out.

Bundle Description:

Jump right into this unique action-RPG and explore two previously stand-alone episodes as one huge, unfolding story! Follow Van Helsing, monster hunter extraordinaire and his deadly, but charming ghost companion, Lady Katarina in an alternative Gothic-noir Europe, where a strange twist of fate brings the hunter to the aid of the monsters of Borgovia, threatened by a menace even more frightening than they ever used to be. And if you have ever wondered what happens after the victorious hero rides into the sunset, now you can experience how he deals with the dire consequences of his great triumph… and as an added bonus, you’ll also get an immediate resolution to the biggest cliffhanger in the history of Action-RPGs! (Disclaimer: no, it is definitely not the biggest cliffhanger in the history of Action-RPGs. But there is a cliffhanger. Or two. We promise.) Grab your weapons, ready your spells and prepare to face two archvillains in one go! Van Helsing: Double Pack bundle includes two full games: The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing and The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II, plus the Thaumaturge, Arcane Mechanic, Ink Hunt add-ons.

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