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VASARA Collection brings Japanese sci-fi shoot ‘em ups to Xbox One


Looking to indulge in some nostalgic Japanese shmup action? Then the VASARA Collection might pique your interest by bringing together two arcade classics from the early 2000’s to the Xbox One.

The VASARA Collection is comprised of VASARA (2000) and VASARA 2 (2001), two of the last arcade games to be developed by Visco. Fortunately, they’ve been given a new lease of life on Xbox One thanks to QUByte Interactive, who have added a unique new gameplay mode into the collection that combines both games, as well as providing completely redesigned 3D graphics. Those wishing to experience this blast from the past can do so by spending £8.39 on the Xbox Store – it’s that easy.

Get ready for sci-fi mixed with a bit of history as the VASARA Collection takes us to an alternate timeline, one in which feudal Japan has access to technologically advanced weaponry and equipment. This enables the heroes to use the likes of flying motorcycles – essentially hover bikes – that possess a ton of firepower and lethal melee weapons. There are eight playable characters to pick from, each inspired by real Japanese historical figures. Whoever you choose though, you’ll need plenty of skill to try and stay alive as you fend off warships, battle tanks and rogue Samurai, in order to prevent the tyrannical Tokugawa from taking over.

We understand that many folk won’t necessarily be familiar with the original offerings, but don’t worry, because our full review of VASARA Collection will be able to get you up to speed with exactly what to expect from these shmups. Give it a read and then leave us a comment to let us know whether you’ll be grabbing it on Xbox One, or not.

Game Description:

For the very first time, highly acclaimed Japanese Arcade Shoot’em Ups – Vasara (2000) and Vasara 2 (2001) – are made available to the whole world via this package: VASARA COLLECTION! Science Fiction meets History in these arcade classics which take place in an alternate timeline Feudal Japan where technologically advanced weaponry and equipment are a reality, and heroes use flying motorcycles with amazing firepower and fierce melee weapons to destroy their enemies. Try and stay alive on this frantic game where everyone, and everything, is out to kill you!

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