venom white vertical charging stand xbox

Can’t be done with black gear found in your gaming setup? Need something sexy to complement that white Xbox One S? Venom have got you sorted with the launch of their Vertical Charging Stand – in white.

The Vertical Charging Stand for Xbox One S and Xbox One X is nothing new, after all we covered it back in 2018 and were very impressed with what it delivered. But now Venom are properly standing and delivering, pushing out the same stand, just in white.

A multi-functional accessory designed for use with Xbox One S and Xbox One X consoles, the white Vertical Charging Stand is now available across Europe starting today, perfectly complementing the Xbox One S’s glacier white hardware.

It features an understated design which neatly secures the gamers’ console in an upright position, saving space and protecting against damage, while also adding in two high-quality rechargeable Battery Packs, which blend seamlessly with both regular and Elite controllers and provide up to 18 hours of gameplay combined.

You’ll be able to utilise the power of these with ease too, simply slotting the controllers into the dock on the stand, seeing the rechargeable Battery Packs automatically charge, even when the console is in standby. Should gamers wish to charge or power up additional devices, two Micro USB ports are also provided.

Further to that, the all-in-one accessory from Venom even includes discrete storage for up to six Xbox games.

Kelly Rist, Marketing Manager for Venom, commented, “Venom are always looking for new ways to simplify and add value to gamers’ setups, and the Vertical Charging Stand is the ideal example of convenience and value. Keeping console, controllers and software neatly arranged reduces clutter and ensures that replacement batteries are a thing of the part, good for wallets and for the environment. We think Xbox gamers will be impressed with the value on offer.”

If you’re interested then you should be checking out our full review of the Vertical Charging Stand for Xbox One S and Xbox One X right now. And then once you are sold, head on over to Amazon and pick one up – it’ll set you back around £29.99.


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