venom headerPeter Parker would be shocked and appalled to see one of his greatest nemeses taking the spotlight in the latest Pinball FX2. Marvel’s very own Symbiote and human (Eddie Brock) fusion, Venom, is the focus this time around but can it stick out amongst the rest of the superhuman based tables?

Well, if you’re a fan of Venom then you’ll surely be pleased to know that the web-slinging hero Spider-Man co-stars too. In fact the two may even have to team up after having their own scuffle, against their better judgement, on this table to take down the psychopathic product of the Symbiote’s offspring… Carnage! The power of pinball can help bring down this unhinged monster, should you have the necessary skills required for the task.

What is needed for success on this table is simple enough, once you’ve slowed down the play a bit, precision is all you need. This can be a pretty slow table where most lanes and ramps are easy to hit from the main flippers, but these alone won’t net you the big points. Oh no, the real score targets you set yourself will only be possible by making the most of the elevated mini set of flippers on the upper half of the table. Here there are three flippers and plenty to aim at in the form of ramps and stand-up targets.

venom pic 1

Venom Pinball has quite a few nifty little features, some of which is a little confusing as to what is going on. For example, the Spider-Sense feature gives you the chance to save your own ball in a split-second with a quick tilt, but it took me a while to eventually figure that out. Another cool part is when Carnage can magnetise your ball to the centre if you don’t hit the ball out of his reach. As for the main features of worth there’s only really the Carnage Jailbreak that stands out.

The Jailbreak takes you to a separate mini-game table that gives chances aplenty to hit all the targets and light up the letters. By shooting a ramp you can earn extra lives in that area so that if you lose the ball it will let you try again.

Other than that I must say it’s a little bereft of ideas, I’ve actually managed to hit (not necessarily win/complete) all the features it offers which is a rarity, given my limited talent. The layout design suits the darker nature of Venom and it was rather neat to have almost one table on top of the other with the inclusion of the elevated flippers.

As much as I love the villainous Venom, it does feel like it’s missing the cutting edge that can suck me in to wanting to try over and over again to beat my last score. This could be because of the slow nature all-round as opposed to the usual franticness seen across many other tables.

Only pick it up if you’re a super fan of Spidey and co. or you prefer the more leisurely pinball experience.

txh rating 3

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