Dead by Daylight Unleashed

Behaviour Interactive’s 1v4 asymmetrical multiplayer horror Dead by Daylight continues to thrive, with regular updates helping it evolve. The latest patch has UNLEASHED a new entry into the Archives, bringing new memories, a new type of challenge and preparations for an upcoming in-game Halloween event. 

Following on from Tome IV CONVICTION, the fifth Tome is titled UNLEASHED and allows you to unlock memories for The Hillbilly, Nea Karlsson and The Blight. The Blight’s story in particular is explored deeper as access is gained to the conclusion of the original “Hallowed Blight” event storyline from way back in 2018, as well as all past “Hallowed Blight” lore content. 

And, for the first time since the inception of the Archives, a brand new Halloween-themed challenge type is being introduced and involves interacting with Pustula Plants. Once selected in the Auris Web, you will have to work with the plants in order to complete the challenge. Additionally, within the Tome, you can earn four progressively growing Pustula Plants Charms across the four levels. As a bonus, there’s 30% off the cost of Auric Cells on characters Adam Francis and The Clown between 21st – 28th October.

The in-game store welcomes a new and exciting collection called “Hallowed Curse” that includes an iconic set titled “Scorched Ghost Face”. From this Halloween-themed collection and available exclusively in the Rift is “The Ruffian” outfit for David King. You can also get your hands on two of these add-ons by partaking in the Rift: the community-inspired “Never Stop Slashing” outfit for the Legion is available through the Free track, while the “Unleashed Collection” can be obtained via the Premium track. 

It’s worth noting that from now until 4th November, there’s a new Halloween in-game event called “The Eternal Blight”. This event features new Survivor and Killer add-ons including the very first universal Killer add-on. A dangerous chemical compound called the “Blight Serum” allows Killers to use the power “Blighted Rush” after hooking Survivors. 

And finally, Dead by Daylight has received another major graphical update as part of this patch that is free for all platforms – Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC – with the five maps of the MacMillan Estate having been entirely overhauled. The dark and cold woods surrounding the mean machinery of the industrial estate is getting even gloomier. The atmosphere created with this environment is deeper and more immersive than ever before. So, fire up Dead by Daylight, download the update and check it out for yourself!

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