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We’re not sure if there are more roguelikes in the world, or battle royales affairs, or visual novels. One things for sure though, it’s the latter which are being pumped out at an astonishing rate. That’s where Venus: Improbable Dream comes in. 

Venus: Improbable Dream is the latest visual novel experience to roll out from the Eastasiasoft stable, becoming available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch. 

This promises to be a bit of a special little adventure too. After being created by those at Borealis, ported to console by Ratalaika Games and published by Eastasiasoft, anyone looking for something to immerse themselves in would do right to give it a look. The price helps, with just a £8.39 asking price all you’ll need to stump up. 

But what do we have once you do? Well, it’ll see you following the life of a young man who is looking to overcome some serious fears and self-hatred, all in order to ensure the latter years of his life are of high quality. That means this is a tale which covers some serious issues – mental health, personal identity and more – as you help guide Kakeru in taking steps forward. 

As with any/most visual novels, it’s your decision making and personal choices which will affect what happens in-game, all as you wander through screens of dialogue and try to make head or tail of what is happening. With relationships to enjoy – most notably that of Fujiwara Haruka – and a world of endless possibility ready to be opened up, if you’re a bit of a sucker for boy meets girl tales, this is sure to serve a purpose. 

You’ll find Venus: Improbable Dream available to purchase and download from the usual stores, with those being the Xbox Store for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, the PlayStation Store for PS4 and PS5 and the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch folk. 

Keep an eye out for our review soon – it’s fast being put together and will be before your eyes in the coming days.

Game Description:

Help a troubled young man overcome deep personal fears and self-hatred to restore hope to his life! Born with a birth defect that he despises, Kakeru struggles with severe anxiety and depression. But when he’s placed in the after-school music club as an attempt to coax him out of his shell, a world of new possibilities is reopened to him. It’s here that he meets Fujiwara Haruka, a disabled girl with a shy disposition and a gift for music. As the two of them begin to connect, Kakeru remembers what it’s like to yearn for friends, to be confident in himself, and most importantly, to have a dream. Venus: Improbably Dream is an immersive visual novel experience focused on mental health and personal identity. Guide Kakeru’s decisions as he takes steps towards facing inner fears and reclaiming his life. Player choice affects how the narrative will progress, including special dialogue to discover for key scenes. Will you help Kakeru achieve something he never thought possible?

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