It’s already made a big mark on the PC community but today we are getting news that Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs, will be dropping in on Xbox One in the new year.

Slated for a Q1 2018 Xbox One release, Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs is a playful, vibrant, yet demanding RPG that draws inspiration from the classic jRPGs. Being delivered to console by the development team at Crunching Koalas, expect to find a mix of good old fashioned adventuring and some dynamic storytelling.

A tactical RPG about the restoration of your kingdom, bonding with vibrant characters met during your journey, embarking on the most peculiar quests possible, and bringing back your best jRPG moments in an up-to-date, accessible style, Regalia thrives with rewarding combat situations and well-thought tactics. Should you find it all a bit too daunting, then the possibility to tone down the difficulty level or even skip a battle if you can’t wait to see what other plot-twists are in store, are both in place.

Omitting the battles won’t make all the problems go away, though – there’s always something to be done in Ascalia, like dealing with teammates’ quirks. Take Theo for example, a vampire with a blood aversion, whose biggest dream is to become a hairdresser or Esther’s ambition to make a DIY atomic bomb with just a few gears and spare parts. Oh, and should all that fail, there’s always a fishing mini-game to get involved with!

The Royal Edition of Regalia is the one coming to Xbox One and it promises to bring an enhanced version of the game that also contains all additional in-game content, including an endless mode and brand-new characters.

Features include:

  • Traverse through lands of robust turn-based battles, diverse quests and distinct bosses.
  • Bond with dozens of colorful characters who will help you along your journey.
  • Tone down the difficulty level or skip battles if you’re not in a mood for a fight.
  • Experience a fair amount of epicness and tons of humor; Samurai dwarves?!
  • Bring back your best jRPG memories with hours of engaging gameplay.
  • Face the newly-added endless mode and prove your tactical skills.

Check out the trailer below and we’ll be sure to bring you a release date as and when we can.

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