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The idea of getting injured while playing on your Xbox sounds like the punchline to some sort of bad joke. Yet over the past few months in particular, while people have spent more time than ever in front of their consoles for obvious reasons, neck, wrist and hand injuries brought about by gaming have become all the more prevalent. Here, we will take a look at three of the most common gaming injuries. We will also explore how CBD, a supplement that is already gaining traction among eSport pros, could provide relief. 

Carpal tunnel syndrome

This is one of those conditions that most people have heard of but that few could firmly define. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a narrowing of the bones and ligaments in the wrist that leads to trapped nerves. What starts as a tingling numbness in the hand can soon become extremely painful. Gamers are prone to carpal tunnel syndrome as it is brought about by frequent flexing of the wrist. 

There are few medical treatments other than rest and perhaps wearing a splint at night. But recent studies have suggested that CBD could provide a ray of hope. CBD is derived from the cannabis plant, but unlike other forms of cannabis oil, it does not get you high. It does, however, have effective anti-inflammatory properties, and reducing the inflammation in the soft tissue will seriously reduce the pain. It won’t cure the problem, but it is highly effective at easing the symptoms. 

Back and neck pain

Sitting in one position for lengthy periods can play havoc with your back and neck at the best of times. Given that so many gamers indulge their hobby while slumped on the sofa or hunched on the floor, it is no wonder so many have a sore neck or back by the end of the day.

The antioxidant properties of CBD combined with its effects as an anti-inflammatory make it an effective but natural painkiller. Unlike some over the counter products, there are no side effects and there’s zero risk of developing a dependency. The other good news with this type of gaming injury is that there is plenty you can do to prevent or minimise it. Posture is vital, and if you are a serious gamer, you should consider getting a serious gaming chair. But also, there is no substitute for simply taking a break every half hour or so, to stretch and walk around for a few minutes. 

Digital eye strain

Also known as computer vision syndrome, this is a condition that is not exclusive to gamers, but can affect anyone who spends lengthy periods in front of a screen. Symptoms include dry eyes, drowsiness, headaches and blurred vision. 

CBD won’t help you here – in fact, as the cannabinoid has been shown to improve focus, it could even be counterproductive when it comes to digital eye strain, as the best solution is to have a few distractions. Regular breaks are vital, and strange though it may sound, you should make a conscious effort to blink if your eyes are feeling tired and dry.