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Two little gems have appeared on Game Pass through the Cloud, Console and PC today, in the form of Visage and The Procession to Calvary. Neither of these are new to the Xbox, but that shouldn’t stop you from checking them out, as they go about their business in very different but successful ways.

Visage is a haunted house horror game, and we dare you to play it for more than a half hour at a time. It takes its cues from P.T., the experimental Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro game that was intended to be set in the Silent Hill universe. As you walk down corridors, the house shifts and warps around you, leaving you disoriented and wondering where you are at any given time. And that’s when the ghosts start attacking you. 

We liked Visage a lot, handing it a 4/5 and cursing the damage it did to our underwear drawer. Thoroughly recommended.

The second game releasing on Xbox Game Pass today is The Procession to Calvary. Quite clearly inspired by the gonzo art of Terry Gilliam and Monty Python, it still manages to find a unique space for itself. Cut and pasting Renaissance paintings to create a fabulous collage, it then encourages you to do some point-and-click adventuring intercut with fiendish puzzles. Then it layers on bawdy jokes and fourth-wall breaking.

Again, we had a whale of time with The Procession to Calvary, albeit in a very different manner. While it might be occasionally oblique, it has a broad sense of humour that most people should enjoy. We gave it a hearty 4/5 too.

If these don’t tickle your tastebuds then worry not, we still have a strong line-up coming in October, with Back 4 Blood arriving on Cloud, Console and PC on October 12th; Destiny 2: Beyond Light dropping onto PC on October 12th; Ring of Pain and The Riftbreaker both arriving on Cloud, Console and PC on October 14th, and The Good Life appearing on Cloud, Console and PC on October 15th. Keep an eye for articles from us on the day for those. 

Of course, that means some must go and leaving Game Pass on October 15th will be Heave Ho (PC only), Katana Zero (Cloud, Console, and PC), Scourgebringer (Cloud, Console, and PC), Tales of Vesperia HD (Console and PC) and The Swords of Ditto (PC).

Undoubtedly, more arrivals will be announced for the second half of the month. For now though, let us know what you are playing through the power of Xbox Game Pass.

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Alex Boyd
Alex Boyd
15 days ago

I am playing Procession to Calvary on my PC, but it will not progress to the main screen without an XBOX One controller connected to press the “A” button at the first screen after UNITY. Once you get in the controller no longer works and you have to use keyboard and mouse to play…. Not the best version for MS to push via game pass 🙁