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One of our all-time favourite Xbox 360 games is now free to all Xbox Live Gold members. Jump in that garden and have a little bit of a party!

Whilst we would have loved to see the original game also hit with a bit of free love, Trouble In Paradise is a more than welcome addition to the Games With Gold scheme. Available from now until the 15th November for absolutely nothing, TiP will give you plenty of hours of fun as you visit the hot desert and icy wastes in search of new animals….all whilst keeping a close eye out for Professor Pester.

And what will you do once you’ve found them?? Dress them up of course!

Game Description:

Welcome back to Piñata Island where Prof. Pester’s latest scheme has lead to disaster. Visit the scorching desert or icy wastes to trap new species. Train them, dress them, then send them to a party! We’ve new Piñatas, new activities, new features and new secrets, so come visit and find out why people never want to leave.

Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise can be picked up for free right now from the Xbox Games Store. Hit the link or fire up your 360 to grab it.

Don’t delay!

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