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Sometimes you just want a little fun, a little silly, a little… saucy. Dark Sauce is now available on Xbox One and could well provide all three of those wants. 

Priced at just £4.19, Dark Sauce from Victory Road is the latest of the cheap and cheerful platformers to come to Xbox One, right at the end of the console’s lifespan before us gamers move on to the serious next-gen business. But honestly, sometimes there is nothing better in life than sitting back with a controller in hand in the hope of blasting through a quick little throwaway platformer. And again, Dark Sauce looks to cover the bases there too. 

Complete with fun little voxel visuals, promises a host of challenging stages, offering up multiple NPCs, dungeons, dragons and tons of loot, Dark Sauce could well be a platformer worth looking at; if you like looking at weird pigs jumping around ever more strange spaces. 

Take on the challenge though, moving this little piggy to market, and all the usual platforming tropes will be yours to take in. Nothing more, nothing less. Or at least, judging by the trailer and screenshots anyways. Only our full review of Dark Sauce on Xbox One will be able to confirm or deny those statements. 

Keep an eye out for that review in the days and weeks ahead, but if you’re sold by the opportunity to take a little pig on an adventure they probably didn’t want to go on, head over to the Xbox Store and fill your boots with a download. The cheap price pretty much demands it. 

Game Description:

Dark Sauce is a cubical platforming game that delivers everything the true gamer needs: colourful 3D graphics with voxels, challenging levels, memorable NPCs, dungeons, dragons and valuable loot! Delve deep into the dungeon full with villainous monsters and lethal traps. Mountains of gold will be your reward, but beware — ancient and dangerous dragon relentlessly guards them. Take this challenge if you dare. You’ll have to overcome complex levels and take down the powerful dragon, who keeps gold treasures safe. And one more thing — you don’t have any super-abilities. You are just a small piggy who ventured deep into the dark and dangerous dungeon. Try to survive it!

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