Have you ever struggled to connect remotely to your place of work only to see the Error 691? This error typically shows up once the client device has failed to connect to the server. Basically, the client server couldn’t authenticate the connection. The error can occur as a result of at least one of the following:

  • You’re attempting to log in to the VPN with the incorrect domain
  • Your VPN is being blocked by a third-party antivirus program or Windows Firewall 
  • Your connection security settings are incorrectly figured
  • You’re using more than one VPN client on one computer
  • Your network settings are incorrect
  • Your username and password are incorrect

How to Resolve the Error

If you haven’t verified that you’ve entered the correct username and password, then this simple trick might work for you. Not only that, but if you have multiple VPNs installed on a single PC, they could conflict. Disable one of them and see what happens. There are more tips and tricks for using VPNs can be found online. If you still see the error, however, you can always try the below two methods, checking to see if the error has been fixed after each method.

Method One: Diagnose Your VPN Connection

The idea behind this method is to identify the problem. Windows will attempt to uncover it and then fix it. Here’s what you need to do to apply this method.

1. Click on Win + X to open the Quick Menu links

2. Choose “Network Connections”, then find your VPN connection

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3. Right-click on it and choose “Diagnose”. Windows will start scanning and attempt to fix the problem

4. If the error hasn’t being resolved or even detected, right-click your VPN connection again, and “Disable” it

5. Wait for a few moments before re-enabling your VPN connection

Method 2: Allow Microsoft CHAP Version 2

Here, you’re changing the protocol used by your VPN.

1. Click on Win + R to open the “Run” dialog box

2. Enter cpl. Press Enter. You’ll be taken to Control Panel>Network Connections

3. Locate your VPN location, then right-click on it, and choose “Properties”

4. Click on “Security” and check “Radio” 

5. Check “Microsoft CHAP Version 2”

6. Finally, Click on “OK”

Protect Your Computer

While a VPN creates a safer browsing experience, some people mistakenly believe they provide malware protection. Even the best VPN for Windows is a different animal than a malware removal tool in that it keeps your data safe and private from hackers. What they don’t do, however, is protect your computer against viruses and other kinds of malware. These days, cybercriminals employ numerous types of malicious software to attack PCs and steal sensitive data they can use against you.

Not only that, but some VPNs have been developed by cybercriminals to deceive you into believing that your data is encrypted and safe, while in fact, all of your data is being siphoned by the attackers. So, installing an advanced malware removal software to combat attempts to steal data from your computer would be a good idea.

A VPN error can be frustrating, as using the Internet can be problematic. Hopefully, you’ve been able to resolve Error 691 using one of the above methods. Then while taking a break from your favourite Xbox 360 games, you can enjoy watching your favourite movies online while enjoying the protection of a VPN. If you’re still seeing the error, you can always reach out to your VPN provider for help.

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