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The Xbox Game Preview scheme is a wonderful way for developers to continue their beloved creations, all whilst letting gamers get in on the action, shaping the experience until it’s in a fit state for full release. They have been a number of titles making the most of Game Preview over the years – the brilliant We Happy Few being one such – but today we see another addition to the list – Totally Accurate Battle Simulator.

Available to purchase and download right now, playable via Xbox Play Anywhere on both Xbox One and Windows 10 PC, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is a work in progress, a game that will change – quite possibly massively – before full launch. But what you can be sure of, is that should you dip in right now and splash the more than viable £16.74, you’ll be treated to a bit of a manic effort, with a wacky physics based tactics game that focuses all efforts on delivering accurate warfare.

The Xbox Store will be able to deliver the usual downloads, and with a campaign in place, a sandbox mode to enjoy and a whole ton of silliness included, if you’re after something a little different – and possibly a little clever – then Totally Accurate Battle Simulator may well be the game for you. First created by Landfall during a week long game jam, active development has been taking place since back in 2016, just now it’s time for us Xbox gamers to work through from the medieval times, right up to the modern day fighting machines, all whilst being treated to some gorgeous art and fun physics based systems.

Remember, due to this being a Game Preview title, you will find bugs, and you may be witness to glitches, but rest assured that the development team will be ready and willing to iron out these issues ahead of full release further down the line. If you wish to help shape this fun little Battle Simulator, then the time to get involved is right now.

Let us know if you do drop in to the fight. We’d love to hear what you think of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator on Xbox One and Win 10 PC.

Game Description:

This game is a work in progress. It may or may not change over time or release as a final product. Purchase only if you are comfortable with the current state of the unfinished game. Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is a wacky physics-based tactics game. Experience accurate warfare through the ages. TABS uses state of the art physics-based simulation to provide you with never-before-seen insight to our greatest battles of history.

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