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WAKING promises to deliver an emotional action adventure experience in which you are left to battle the mind, and today it has become known that it’ll be launching on Xbox One and Steam this summer!

Developed by Jason Oda and a small team of freelancers, with funding provided by Microsoft and their [email protected] scheme and publishing rights going to the team at tinyBuild, WAKING is set to arrive on Xbox One and Steam this summer to deliver a hugely emotional tale in which we are left to reconnect our own mind and unlock the mystery of everything that is found within.

WAKING sees you placed in a coma, in a dream, deep within your subconscious, as you battle against the forces of darkness that softly lull you into giving in to death. What are the sacred relics of your life? A handful of dirt from your home town? A pet that died long ago? The eyes of the one you love? You’ll need to find and customize the treasures of your life, before using them as weapons against the forces of death.

The question is, will you give up to the forces of darkness and softly descend into death? Or will you prevail using the only weapons you have: your most treasured memories and those that you love?

WAKING will be arriving on Xbox One and Steam to present a unique mix of souls-like high challenge in combat, a vast ever-changing world waiting to be explored, and a deep meditational experience of unmatched emotional range.

Features include:

  • Souls-like combat with unique features, such as telekinetic attack system
  • Guided meditation where you envision memories from your life through a series of choices
  • The procedurally generated world is unique every time you venture into it
  • Created by a solo indie developer with a small team of collaborators between 2015 & 2019

Interested? You can hit up the Steam page right now, or you can hold tight until that summer 2019 release arrives on Xbox One. Whatever you do, you can be sure that WAKING will deliver something pretty special. Especially if that trailer below is anything to go by.


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