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As gamers we’re used to seeing new titles arrive in remastered or rehashed form, as developers take much loved classics from yesteryear and bring them right up to date for a modern audience. That normally means going back a decade or two for the source material. Walden, a game on Xbox though goes further – way back to the original Henry David Thoreau book from 1854, before bringing it all into the virtual world. 

Walden, a game comes to Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S via Tracy Fullerton of the USC Games program, finally arriving on Microsoft’s box of tricks after previous stints on PS4 and PC. It’s an open world affair which will set you back £8.39 in cash terms, but should you open the wallet and splash that money, will find something way greater than that lowly asking price. 

Based on the story of Thoreau’s life at Walden Pond, this is an exploration tool at heart, one in which you’ll be tasked with taking in the 6 or so hours of gameplay, listening in on the narration as Thoreau’s experiment plays out. Beautifully created, a world of wonders lies ahead of anyone interested in how the previous source material has made it to the gaming landscape. 

It’s not just about that book from nearly 200 years ago though and the decisions you make and the interactions you take will dictate how Walden, a game plays out. With changing seasons to take in, wildlife to enjoy and challenges to overcome, this is one hell of an intriguing proposition. 

The key features in terms of how this all plays out are as follows…

  • Dynamic open world: explore Walden Pond through one in-game year with dynamically changing seasons, wildlife and gameplay challenges.
  • Six hours of narrative play: Experience the story of writer Henry David Thoreau’s experiment at Walden over six hours of play.
  • Beautiful reflective experience: Play deliberately and reveal a world of hidden wonders and small beauties that are unique to your choices about how to live at Walden.
  • In-game journal saves your interactions: Write your own version of Walden, built from your interactions in the game and the choices you have made.

We’ve been hands-on with Walden, a game and will be dropping some review thoughts very soon – it’ll let you know how well this book makes the move to Xbox. If you wish to pick it up for yourself though you’ll find the Xbox Store capable of delivering the Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S download you require. 

Game Description:

Take on Henry David Thoreau’s classic adventure in living simply in nature as you explore this epic open world game based on the story of Thoreau’s life in the woods alone at Walden Pond. Features a dynamic and changing natural environment filled with exquisite details, as well as a multi-faceted narrative following Thoreau’s quest for solitude and inspiration in the woods during a time of personal and social crises. Can you balance your basic needs for survival against your search for beauty and the sublime? Will you live life “deliberately”? Or will you live a life of “quiet desperation”? Find out in this critically acclaimed title that Smithsonian Magazine has called “the world’s most improbable video game.” Walden, a game was awarded Game of the Year and Most Significant Impact at Games for Change, Developers Choice at IndieCade, and nominated for the Unity Impact Award and the New York Game Critics Award for Best Indie Game.

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