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We love a good FMV and most of those in the higher echelons of the genre come about via the Wales Interactive team. There’s much anticipation therefore for Night Book – the next FMV to launch onto console, PC and mobile. And now that the release date is confirmed, we know the wait to get involved only needs to be a short one.

As pre-orders for the game go live on PC and Nintendo Switch, Wales Interactive have confirmed that Night Book – their next horror title – will release on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, PC and iOS come July 27th 2021.

That’s really not very long to wait for a game that has pretty much popped up from out of nowhere, but after taking in previous Wales Interactive tales – the likes of The Complex and Maid of Sker are among our favourites – we’re very much up for this tale.

Night Book is an FMV that is full of supernatural terror and suspense. It follows Loralyn, a pregnant translator working from home, who is fiendishly tricked into bringing an untold evil into her life. With Loralyn’s husband absent and her unwell father in the house with her, we’ll get to make major decisions that will either keep the family safe or unwittingly place them in grave danger.

Night Book may feature just the one story, however there are multiple paths and endings to discover so expect to take in this narrative a good few times in order to get the most out of it.

Filmed remotely during lockdown, this entirely live-action title should well be an acting masterclass too, with the close-quarters filming style only ramping up the tension and underlining the occult terror that Loralyn and her family face. Night Book stars an exquisite cast, including Julie Dray (Cyberpunk 2077, Avenue 5) and Colin Salmon (Resident Evil, Arrow, and Die Another Day).

Night Book director Alex Lightman: “Every movie is different but working on Night Book was a truly unique experience. Shooting entirely under COVID restrictions meant that every assumption about how to make a movie had to be reconsidered. The project was shot entirely over Zoom with some scenes taking place across three countries simultaneously, with the actors setting up all their own camera kits and props. It was a real honour to work on such an unusual project with so many talented people, and I hope everyone has as much fun playing Night Book as I did making it.”

You can pre-order Night Book on PC via Steam and on Nintendo Switch right now. Come July 27th you’ll find Night Book bringing the thrills to Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch and iOS. We’ll be sure to remind you when that day arrives.

Hit up the trailer below for more info.

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