It’s been a while since the third season of The Walking Dead kicked off, but finally Telltale have released Episode 3 of A New Frontier. Best get on it then eh?

Available right now on all the usual The Walking Dead formats – Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, iOS and Android – for just £5.19, Episode 3 continues the story that kicked off with the double episode all those months ago. Can you help Javier sort his struggles, will Clem and the rest of the group turn against him? Those decisions and many more will be completely up to you to control.

Of course, if you had picked up the Season Pass earlier in the season, then this one will be automagically appearing in your list of played games pretty soon. Otherwise, make your way to the Xbox Games Store and nab it now – it’s quite obviously the best way to experience what Telltale have in store and saves a decent amount over purchasing each episode individually.

How have you found the third season of The Walking Dead so far? Liking it? Hating it? Let us know in the comments below.

DLC Description:

After the shocking events of ‘Ties That Bind: Part Two’, Javier struggles to find a role in his newly reunited family. Meanwhile, tension within the walls of Richmond grow. Will Clementine and the rest of the group turn against Javier? It may be time to choose between the family you’re born into and the family you’ve made. Episode three of a five part episodic game series.Purchase of this additional content requires The Walking Dead: A New Frontier – Episode 1.

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stylon (Steve)
stylon (Steve)
4 years ago

They need to stop having such long breaks between episodes… struggling to remember what happened in the last one now 🙁