Every avid gamer is looking for a way to take their gameplay to a whole new level, and there’s no better way to do it than by adopting VR. Virtual reality is, arguably, the future of gaming, offering players a truly immersive and engaging experience that just can’t be achieved in any other way. With the arrival of cutting-edge VR headsets, this technology is entering the mainstream and making gaming even more exciting and interactive for players of all ages and with all preferences.

Whether you prefer gaming from a console or whether you’re a PC gamer, VR headsets could revolutionize your game playing experience. Online gaming has lifted the player experience to a whole new level and now, with virtual reality, it’s possible to enhance the thrill even more.

How Can VR Enhance Your Online Gameplay?

Online gaming has opened up the opportunity for players all over the world to connect and engage with each other from the comfort of their own homes by simply signing into their player account, choosing a game and getting started. Equipped with earphones and a microphone, players have for some time now been able to play online with friends, family members and total strangers in a virtual world on their television screens.

With the latest VR headsets, however, this experience is set to be enhanced to a whole new level. Now, not only can players talk to others around the world, they can also interact with them physically in a virtual world that is all around them. With the integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning, the opportunities become even more impressive.

We need only look at the potential of the latest online casinos to see how exciting this can be. Already, online casinos have begun to integrate artificial intelligence into their gaming offerings, with live dealer games available for punters to enjoy. Now, we’re beginning to see virtual online casinos which can be accessed using a VR headset. 

Punters can wander through a virtual environment in real-time, and thanks to AI integration they can enjoy live dealer experiences, interact with other people and get up close and personal with the games and items that surround them. It’s never been easier to become immersed in an experience!

The Full Body Experience

Video game console manufacturers have been working on games that incorporate VR elements for some time now, and are moving ever-closer to a fully-virtual reality offering. As headsets become more impressive and reach a wider audience of players, it becomes increasingly possible that the entire future of gameplay will be through a headset. We need only look at the Oculus Quest which is a standalone headset that requires no connection to another device, computer or console to realize that the future of gaming is all about the VR!

Already, headsets and VR controllers are working together to create a pretty immersive experience. All of the major headsets can handle head tracking so that the world around the player moves as they look in different directions. However, this technology is already becoming outdated. 

The future of online gaming in VR will, no doubt, see whole body controllers which allow natural body movements to be translated into commands for an even more enhanced player immersion in their virtual environment. This opens up the possibilities even further, especially in the realm of online sports gaming. HADO is just one example of how this whole body experience can be harnessed to create a unique and interactive experience.

A Full Online Interaction For A Social Experience

Online console gaming has already allowed players to spend time with other real people in games. With the arrival of VR, the possibilities become even more exciting. Players will not only be able to speak to other players through their microphones and listen to them through earphones, they’ll actually be able to physically interact with them and “hang out” in a virtual environment. 

VR games like Rec Room are already exploring that potential and when full body controllers are added into the equation in the future, the experience will be even more authentic and realistic. It even opens up the potential for online dating games, with people meeting and interacting with others on a personal level even if they are miles away from each other in real life.

Console Gaming – A Bright Future

Although some people have expressed concerns that gaming consoles’ days are numbered due to the arrival of VR, it’s unlikely that console gaming is going anywhere any time soon. What becomes more likely is that VR will be incorporated into console gaming for an even better player experience. Already the PSVR has shown strides forward with this technology, and Xbox will soon catch up. The possibilities are endless!

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