Gamers are a strange breed – more than happy to be on the edge of hurling our controllers out of the window at every opportunity. If that is you, and you’re looking for a new super tough experience, then oOo: Ascension is here to test you every step of the way.

Triple O: Ascension (that’s how we should be pronouncing this game), is a brand new fast paced title which combines together the humble platformer, with a bit of a racer. Created by one man – Kenny Creanor – before seeing the experienced team at EB Studios help hone and polish it, oOo: Ascension sees you trying to navigate your way through a number of worlds, each of which will push you to the limit.

Fast reflexes are required in order for you to succeed as you try to complete each and every short but challenging course in the quickest time possible. A mastery of the controls is key, but with each stage over in a matter of seconds, you should expect to find a game that delivers plenty of restarts and tons of the most epic moments of frustration.

A solo Arcade mode plays host to these stages, but should you wish to head in with a local friend, either completing the game with them or pushing each other for the very fastest times, then the option is there.

Features include:

  • Classic Arcade style game with increasingly difficult and challenging levels
  • Local Multiplayer mode – complete the game with a friend, or race against them for the best time
  • A unique and novel visual style that changes throughout
  • Ghosts – Race against your own best times

We’ll be sure to bring you a full review in the days ahead, but for now, if you’re even the slightest bit tempted then we advise you hit up the Microsoft Store and spend the £12.49 required right now.

Just don’t expect an easy ride!

Game Description:

oOo: Ascension is a lightning-paced test of reflexes and skill – can you navigate your ship through these short but ferociously challenging courses? Every millisecond counts in this retro-futuristic world of miniature planets and massive frustration.

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