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Sci-fi mech action is on the cards with War Tech Fighters – and Blowfish Studios are gearing up to start the war in Q2 2019.

Coming from the developers at Drakkar Dev and publishing arm of Blowfish Studios, we will soon be seeing War Tech Fighters go mech battling on Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Due to arrive in Q2 2019, War Tech Fighters tells the tale of how the ruthless Zatros empire claimed the home planets of the Hebos and Ares colonies, after a devastating war. This now sees Pilots from the remnants of the shattered colonies fighting fiercely for their independence in fully-customizable mechs – the War Tech. Captain Nathan Romanis leads the talented squadron in their desperate struggle to reclaim their home.

It’ll be up to you to choose between the Hawk, Lynx or Rhino classes – light, balanced, and heavy – War Techs, before customizing them with over 180 upgradeable parts and systems. This will see you modifying bullet, laser, sword, and magnetic weapons, or basically creating a flying tank with high shields and defense.

Throw in the opportunity to delve into the arty side of things with thousands of custom paint and livery options to ensure that each pilot feels real ownership over their War Tech, as they explore space and find hidden parts to access new War Tech sets and even more, super powerful weapons. The key to unlocking the true potential of each mech? Levelling up!

Thankfully this should be a cinch as a War Tech’s agility and destructive capabilities really do shine in space; brutal assaults from long-range and up close and personal sword battles and stylish execution moves, are par for the course. But fighting isn’t everything and just occasionally you’ll need to perform high-risk stealth missions, navigating through radiation fields, intercepting coded messages and solving environmental puzzles.

No less than 33 single player missions, a smattering of challenges and a Survival mode are promised for those who decide to get involved with War Tech Fighters, as a mix of fantastic mech universes of anime and Hollywood blockbusters blend into a fast-paced first or third-person adventure.

“As huge mecha aficionados, War Tech Fighters is our love letter to fans of the genre,” said Manlio Greco, co-founder of Drakkar Dev. “Bringing the game to new platforms lets us spread that love even further.”

War Tech Fighters will be releasing on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PS4 in Q2, with Blowfish Studios featuring the game at PAX South booth 11204, during Jan. 18-20 in San Antonio, TX. What’s good to see is that exclusive to the console release will be an all-new Archangel War Tech special set, featuring the powerful Glory Sword, Redemption Halberd, and Faith Shield. Available from the start of the game, the Archangel can turn the tides when a mission might be too difficult with other mechs.

Can it fair better than the latest Mech fighter – Override Mech City Brawl? Only time will tell.


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